Permitted Projections Above the Height Limit (Sec. 64)



Except in the case of buildings or structures located within the area shown on Schedules 11 to 88 (Central Area Height Schedules), the maximum height limits do not apply to the structures listed below or to any other similar structures that may require a height in excess of maximum height limits in order to serve their intended purpose, unless otherwise specified in the by-law and provided these structures are erected only to such height or area as is necessary to accomplish the purpose they are to serve and that is necessary to operate effectively and safely:  (By-law 2013-224) (By-law 2015-342)


barn, silo, or other farm-related buildings or structures
chimney or smokestack
clock tower, church spire, steeple or belfry
construction equipment during the construction process
mechanical and service equipment penthouse, elevator or stairway penthouses (By-law 2014-94)
flag pole
communication transmission and distribution towers forming part or all of a utility installation (By-law 2013-224)
landscaped areas, roof-top gardens and terraces and associated safety guards and access structures
ornamental dome, skylight, cupola or parapet
utility poles
water tower