Schedule "C" - Collection Service For Non-Residential Establishments

1.   For IC&I Establishments, the waste collection services offered to participants of the Yellow Bag program shall be:
    (a) once-per-week curbside collection of garbage;
    (b) alternating weekly collection of recyclable materials;
    (c) once-per-week collection of bulky items; and
    (d) seasonal bi-weekly and weekly collection of yard waste and organics.
2.   In order to be eligible to participate in the Yellow Bag program, the following requirements must be met by an IC&I establishment:
    (a) separate assessment for the purpose of property taxes;
    (b) sum total of garbage generated per building does not exceed the non-residential waste, recyclable material and yard waste limits as set out in Schedule “D”;
    (c) registration with the Yellow Bag program;
    (d) placement of garbage in specially designed yellow garbage bags; and
    (e) all businesses, partnerships or commercial interests located in a IC&I establishment building must participate in the Yellow Bag program.
3. (1) No owner, manager or operator of the IC&I establishment shall contract with any other waste or recyclable materials collection service or system while participating in the Yellow Bag program.
  (2) Despite subsection 1, IC&I establishments participating in the Yellow Bag Program can have a separate collection contract for items that the City does not collect such as metal car parts/accessories, tires, appliances and hazardous waste.
4.   Continuation of collection services is dependent on consistent set out of recyclable materials and yard waste as well as garbage for waste collection, to the satisfaction of the Deputy City Manager.
5. (1) In the event that a owner, manager or operator of a IC&I establishment fails to comply with this Schedule or by-law and as a result the Deputy City Manager discontinues service, the affected owner, manager or operator shall obtain private collection services during the period in which the services are discontinued at the same or greater frequency at which the services were provided prior to their discontinuance.
  (2) The Deputy City Manager may reinstitute Yellow Bag program collection service upon the owner, manager or operator demonstrating to the satisfaction of the Deputy City Manager that the owner, manager or operator will be in compliance with the provisions of this Schedule or by-law.