Mr. Kurokawa

Daniel Young & Christian Giroux, Mr. Kurokawa (arena view), 2014

Title: Mr. Kurokawa
Artist: Daniel Young & Christian Giroux
Materials: aluminum
 Minto Recreation Complex - Barrhaven
Address: 3500 Cambrian Drive
City of Ottawa Art Collection: 2015-0002

The two modular sculptures suspended overhead, inspired by the late, celebrated Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, revisit a utopic vision of the future, expressing past ideals within a contemporary framework. With its retro-futuristic quality, Mr. Kurokawa enhances the space by encouraging a dialogue between old and new. Pods set within the grid of aluminum tubes reflect the colours and textures of surfaces found in the building. Both industrial and organic, the artwork gives the impression that it will continue to grow and expand through the space.

Nationally acclaimed artists Daniel Young and Christian Giroux have been working together since 2002. Their artworks examine architecture, urban development and public space through a combined knowledge of art history and the latest in industrial technologies.

Daniel Young & Christian Giroux, Mr. Kurokawa, 2014