Junior Park Mentorship Program

Are you between the ages of 10 and 15? Get involved with your neighbourhood wading pool this summer!

The City of Ottawa is looking for youths to assist staff at wading pools citywide. The Junior Park Mentorship Program (JPMP) offers exciting opportunities for youth to develop leadership abilities and gain hands-on experience that can help gain future employment.

Participants in the program will be awarded a certificate of participation pending satisfactory participation at the end of the summer as well as a t-shirt for all of their efforts.

The Junior Park Mentorship Program is offered at most City of Ottawa Wading Pools. Please consult wading pools listing to identify the closest to you.

List of tasks required to obtain a junior park programmer certificate:

  • Opening or Closing Procedures: Include assisting with raking the sand, setting up and taking down guarding stations, bringing out programming equipment, garbage pickup and sweeping the deck.
  • Special Event Help: Help prepare for the special event day and assist on the day of the event with activities such as programming, encouraging participation and cleaning.
  • Follow Park Rules: Abide by park rules and help others learn by example.
  • Chlorine Test: Assist staff in performing bi-hourly chlorine and pH tests.
  • Programming: Assist in leading, preparing or planning park activities.
  • In-Service, Guard Comp and First Aid: Assist by participating as a victim at guard comp and in-services and skill of the week. Learn basic first aid skills.
  • Water Play: Assist City staff in planning, promoting, and implementing this introductory water safety activity.
  • Tasks assigned by park staff: Assist with other tasks assigned by the Park Supervisor.

Please note junior park programmers may not:

  • SUPERVISE any patron or area of the pool alone or with City staff
  • Handle chlorine or any other chemicals
  • Wear City of Ottawa staff uniform (hat, t-shirt, or whistle)
  • Respond to public inquiries or enforce City of Ottawa policies and/or procedures
  • Perform duties that put them or anyone else in danger including park emergencies or first aid duties

To become a Junior Park Programmer please complete an application form by visiting your neighborhood wading pool, or e-mail or call the Seasonal Recreation Office at 613-580-2590.

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