Special Events

Join us for summer fun at one of our 56 wading pools across the City

All special events are held from 11 am to 4 pm, featuring arts and crafts, games, prizes, and lots of time to stay cool in the pool!

Highlighted events feature special guest activities and a Lunchtime Performing Art Series performance between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm.

Summer 2014 Wading Pool Special Events


Event Locations

Friday, July 4

Alta Vista, Owl

Monday, July 7

Alvin Heights

Tuesday, July 8

Lisa, Parkdale, Westboro

Wednesday, July 9

 Kingsmere, Optimiste, Strathcona

Thursday, July 10

Major Special Event: Windsor

Friday, July 11

Ev Tremblay, Frank J Licari

Monday, July 14

Frank Ryan, Hampton

Tuesday, July 15

Champlain, Kiwanis, Sandy Hill

Wednesday, July 16

Parkway, Pushman

Thursday, July 17

Major Special Event: Britannia

Friday, July 18

Alda Burt, Alexander

Monday, July 21

Bingham, Dutchies

Tuesday, July 22


Wednesday, July 23

Carleton Heights, St. Laurent

Thursday, July 24

Major Special Event: Sylvia Holden

Friday, July 25

Agincourt, Canterbury

Tuesday, July 29

Balena, Cecil Morrison, McNabb

Wednesday, July 30

Iona, Ruth Wildgen

Thursday, July 31

Major Special Event: Jules Morin

McKellar (10 am to 1 pm)

Friday, August 1

Brantwood, Lions, Pauline Vanier

Tuesday, August 5

Elizabeth Manley, Woodroffe

Wednesday, August 6


Thursday, August 7

Major Special Event: Weston

Friday, August 8

Meadowvale, Michele Heights, St. Luke's

Monday, August 11


Tuesday, August 12


 Wednesday, August 13

 Hawthorne, St. Paul's

 Thursday, August 14

Major Special Event: Bellevue Manor

 Friday, August 15

 Ruth Wildgen

Wednesday, August 20



Come join our team in fun-filled water activities as part of the Waterplay program! This program uses fun and interactive games and learn-to-swim activities to offer a basic instruction in necessary water skills that can be used continuously throughout life. This is an excellent opportunity for children to have fun at the wading pools while also building foundational swimming skills and learning water safety. Waterplay is an informal program available to the public free of charge at all wading pools across the city.

Wading pools are open and available for Waterplay daily from 11 am to closing time except for park-specific closed days, and will run from June 20 to August 27, 2014.  Please talk to the park staff or check online for information on specific wading pools. You can also call 613-580-2590 or send an e-mail to seasonalrecreation@ottawa.ca