Immunization requirements for school registration

Ottawa Public Health is working to have up-to-date immunization records for 150,000 students in Ottawa by September 2015. OPH staff is reviewing the records of all students and estimate that the information for 63,000 students is not up to date. OPH is using an automated dialler to contact parents of children whose immunization information is not up to date. 

Parents are required to provide this information to school boards at kindergarten registration however it is the parent’s responsibility to send information about new vaccines received by their child to Ottawa Public Health. Updates on immunizations are crucial information to protect the health of students during an infectious disease outbreak, such as measles.

If an exemption is required for any reason, contact the Immunization Program at 613-580-6744 ext. 24108. (What do I do if I do not want my child immunized?)

More information about immunization is available from Ottawa Public Health.

Open weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm and can be reached by:

Learn more about why immunization is important.

Update your child’s immunization record

Any time your child gets a vaccination or booster shot you need to update their record with Ottawa Public Health by:

  • Completing the Online Immunization Reporting to Ottawa Public Health
  • Fax: 613-580-9660
  • Mail: Immunization Program, 100 Constellation Dr., Ottawa, ON, K2G 6J8, 7th floor, mail code 26-44
  • Phone 613-580-6744 Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm 
  • ImmunizeCA App:

Completing school registration

To complete the Public Health portion of school registration, contact the Ottawa Public Health Immunization Program at 613-580-6744, ext. 24108 for an appointment or information or e-mail You can also obtain the forms directly from the school during registration and complete them as directed.

  • Please complete all the information on the Student Immunization Information form
  • Return the completed form and a copy of the student's immunization record to the Ottawa Public Health Immunization Program or to the school. If the student is missing immunization or the information is incomplete, nurses from the Immunization Program will contact you during the school year.

Immunization is available at:

Your family doctor or a walk-in clinic.

There is no charge for the vaccines available through public funding.


Find a doctor:

Keeping immunization records

Your doctor should give you a written record whenever immunization is given to your child. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to take care of this record and keep it up to date. It’s as important as a birth certificate or passport. Health Canada recommends restarting immunization when the child has no documentation of immunization.

Written records are needed when:

  • Starting day care or kindergarten
  • Transferring to a new school in another area
  • Going to summer camp
  • Starting university or college, especially in health care programs
  • Living in residence at university or college
  • Going to work
  • Traveling to countries where the diseases are common
  • Going for emergency health care

Deciding not to immunize a child

A valid signed exemption is required if you decide not to immunize your child for medical, religious or philosophical reasons. Exemptions may be obtained by calling the Ottawa Public Health at 613-580-6744 or at 1-866-426-8885.