Flu Clinics

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) flu clinics ended January 11, 2014.

To find out where you can still get your flu vaccine, check out the list participating pharmacies below.  You can also visit the Ontario flu website (www.ontario.ca/flu) and enter your postal code or address to find the nearest location where you can get your flu vaccine. It is recommended residents contact participating pharmacies to ensure hours of service.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the seasonal flu

The seasonal flu vaccine is safe and the most effective way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu. The vaccine is available at doctors’ offices, walk-in clinics, more than 130 local participating pharmacies, Ottawa Public Health clinics and workplace immunization clinics.

OPH reminds Ottawa residents of these key tips to avoid getting and transmitting the flu virus:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with your arm, not your hand.
  • Avoid crowds, public gathering and stay at home if you are sick.
  • Do not visit hospitalized patients if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Ease symptoms

Individuals who have flu-like symptoms - a fever, a cough, severe headache and/or chills are advised to:

  • Rest.
  • Drink lots of fluids.
  • Take basic pain or fever relievers.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Gargle with a glass of warm water or suck on hard candy or lozenges.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco.

Contact your health care provider if symptoms are severe and do not improve after a few days. 

You should call your health care provider immediately if you experience flu symptoms and you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have a chronic health problem that requires regular medical attention
  • Are elderly or frail
  • Have an illness or are receiving treatments – for example, for diabetes, cancer, or HIV/AIDS – that might affect your immune system
  • Have a child under three months of age who has a fever over 38° C or 100.4° F

There are many ways to get non-emergency medical care. Trained professionals from Telehealth Ontario and the Ottawa Public Health Information line can answer your questions by phone, and family doctors, nurses and other health care providers can provide care.

For the latest public health information, you can contact  Ottawa Public Health Information Line at 613-580-6744 (TTY: 613-580-9656) or on Facebook and Twitter (@ottawahealth). To reach Telehealth Ontario, call 1-866-797-0000.


Ottawa pharmacies

Please note that pharmacists are not authorized to administer the  vaccine to children under age five. 

Pharmacy Name


Asclepios Pharmacy

750 Taylor creek Dr.

Barreiro Pharmacies Ltd /Shoppers Drugmart #952

420 Hazeldean Rd.

Bayshore Pharmacy Ltd.

3029 Carling Ave

Ben Gunter Pharmacy Inc.

455 Bank St

Bridlewood Drugmart

64 Stonehaven Dr.

Canada Chemists

1919 Riverside Dr.

Centrepointe Gabriel Drugs

117 Cetntrepointe Dr.

Costco Pharmacy #511

1900 Cyrville Rd.

Costco Pharmacy #540

1849 Merivale Rd.

Costco Pharmacy #541

770 Silver Seven Rd.

Crown Pointe Pharmacy

900 Watters Rd.

Drug Basics Pharmacy #517

1465 Merivale Rd.

DrugStore Pharmacy

190 Richmond Rd

DrugStore Pharmacy

296 Bank St.

DrugStore Pharmacy

760 Eagleson Rd

DrugStore Pharmacy #1035

3201 Greenbank Rd.

DrugStore Pharmacy #4104

2681 Alta Vista Dr.

DrugStore Pharmacy 1051

1980 Ogilvie Rd.

DrugStore Pharmacy 4284

3777 Strandherd Dr.

Fallowfield Pharmacy Ltd.

3500 Fallowfield Rd.

GoodHealth Pharmasave

4188 Spratt Rd.

Green St. Pharmacy Ltd.

16 Green St.

Greenbank Huntclub Pharmacy

250 Greenbank

Greenbank Pharmacy

139 Greenbank Rd.

HMA Pharmacy Ltd.

2948 Baseline Rd.

IDA Rideau Medical Pharmacy

580 Rideau St.

J. L. Mulley Pharmacy Inc.

1080 Bank St

J.W. Shaw Pharmacy LTD.

3940 Innes Rd.

Jean Coutu

2701 St-Joseph blvd

Loblaw Pharmacy

1126 Orleans Place Dr.

Loblaw Pharmacy

1251 Main

Loblaw Pharmacy

1460 Merivale Rd

Loblaw Pharmacy

4270 Innes Rd.

Loblaw Pharmacy

200 Earl Grey Dr

Loblaw Pharmacy

200 Grant Carman

Loblaw Pharmacy #1050

1980 Baseline Rd.

Loblaw Pharmacy #4088

1619 Orleans Blvd

Loblaw Pharmacy 1023

59A Robertson Rd

Loblaw Pharmacy 1170

375 Rideau St.

Loblaw Pharmacy 1188

2210C Bank Street

Michelle Tijssen Drugs Ltd.

1180 Walkley Rd.

MJR Pharmacy Inc

3080 Carling Ave

Mooney's Bay Pharmasave

743 Ridgewood Ave.

MP 37 - Medical Pharmacies

36 Antares Dr.

New Edinburgh Pharmacy

5 Beechwood Ave

Ottawa Medical Pharmacy

797 Somerset St. West

P. Pineo Pharmaceuticals Inc.

3151 Strandherd Dr.

Paul's Pharmasave

990 River Rd

Pharmacie Brisson

270 Dalhousie St

Pharmacie orleans Pharmacy

4275 Innes rd

Proactive Pharmacy

1645 Bank St.


2555 St. Joseph Blvd.


1615 Orleans Blvd


900 Greenbank Rd.


832 March Rd.


4048 Carling Ave


2121 Carling Ave.


2525 Carling Ave.


2950 Carling Ave.


1363 Woodroffe Ave.


2144 Robertson Rd.


1595 Merivale Rd.


1980 Ogilvie Rd.


2116 Montreal Rd.


200 Rideau St.


753 Montreal Rd.


240 Sparks St.


407 Laurier Ave. West


1190 Wellington St.


1415 Carling Ave.


1620 Scott St.


2269 Riverside Dr E


1725 Walkley Rd.


1910 St. Laurent Blvd


1160 Beaverwood Rd.


300 Eagleson Rd.

Richmond Pharmacy

6179 Perth St.

Shoppers Drugmart

1469 Merivale Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart

3310 McCarthy Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart

6491 Jeanne D'arc Blvd

Shoppers Drugmart

1559 Alta Vista Dr.

Shoppers Drugmart # 1254

1937 Portobello Blvd

Shoppers Drugmart # 1528

181 Greenbank Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart # 623

2339 Ogilvie Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart # 642

1460 Richmond Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart #1229

150 Montreal Rd

Shoppers Drugmart #1230

2954 St. Joseph Blvd.

Shoppers Drugmart #1243

322 Rideau St

Shoppers Drugmart #1246

1300 Stittsville Main St.

Shoppers Drugmart #1258

702 Bank St.

Shoppers Drugmart #1270

680 Eagleson Rd

Shoppers Drugmart #1310

595 Montreal Rd

Shoppers Drugmart #1324

1102 Klondike Rd. RR#1

Shoppers Drugmart #1325

5709 Hazeldean Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart #1366

5230 Mitch Owens Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart #1442

4744 Bank St.

Shoppers Drugmart #1527

1582 Bank St.

Shoppers Drugmart #1550

2446 Bank St.

Shoppers Drugmart #621

1200 St Laurent Blvd

Shoppers Drugmart #622

2148 Carling Ave.

Shoppers Drugmart #626

888 Meadowlands Dr. E

Shoppers Drugmart #628

1309 Carling Av

Shoppers Drugmart #631

50 Rideau St

Shoppers Drugmart #634

2638 Innes Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart #635

2515 Bank St.

Shoppers Drugmart #637

2016 Ogilvie Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart #638

1821 Robertson Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart #641

541 Montreal Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart #643

3781 Strandherd Dr.

Shoppers Drugmart #910

1642 Merivale Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart #953

111 Albert St

Shoppers Drugmart #988

174 Bank St.

Shoppers Drugmart 1396

410 Richmond Rd.

Shoppers Drugmart Signature Centre

499 Terry Fox Dr.

Shoppers Simply Pharmacy #3003

267 O'Connor St.

Sobeys Pharmacy

6315 Hazeldean Rd.

Sobeys Pharmacy

5150 Innes Rd.

Sobeys Pharmacy #7217

700 Terry Fox Dr.

Sobeys Pharmacy#7263

840 March Rd.

Stafford IDA

1861 Robertson Rd.

Stittsville Pharmacy

1250 Main St.

The DrugStore Pharmacy

671 River Rd.

Triple A Pharmacy

1675 Tenth Line Rd.

Triple A Pharmacy Inc.

2301 Tenth Line Rd

Vanier Pharmacy

355 Montreal Rd.

Victoria Pharmacy

1065 Wellington St.

Walmart Store # 1110

1375 Baseline Rd.

Walmart Store # 3134

500 Earl Grey Dr.

Walmart Store #1158

1980 Ogilvie Rd.

Walmart Store #3065

3900 Innes Rd.

We Care Pharmasave #745

1020 St. Laurent Blvd.

Wellington Drug Store

1221 Wellington St.

West Carleton Drugmart

461 Donald B Munro Dr.

Westboro Pharmasave

421 Richmond Rd.

White Cross Dispensary

264 Elgin St