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Alcohol, drugs and tobacco


How can I lower my risk of illness or injury?

Drinking is a personal choice. If you choose to drink, Canada's Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines can help you to decided when, where, why and how.

How Do I Compare?

Do you want to know how your drinking compares to others? Concerned about your drinking?

Try our free, anonymous and bilingual 
Check Your Drinking (CYD) Survey.

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When you have finished the test you can print or email your results directly to yourself or your physician or other health care professional. Select Language at top right of page.

Can alcohol use put my health at risk?

Alcohol consumption is linked with a number of  chronic illnesses, even at levels that many would consider moderate. Alcohol consumption is associated with a number of cancers. Are you at risk? 

I drink to unwind 

Do you reach for a drink at the end of the day or when things get stressful?? While alcohol can make you feel more relaxed, if you're regularly drinking above the guidelines you could actually make your stress worse.  

There are alternatives. Here are a few stress busting ideas  to get you started.   If you’re concerned about your drinking try the “How Do I Compare” quiz above.

I’ve heard some alcohol can be good for your health. Is that true?

You may have heard that alcohol provides health benefits. It does appear that for a small group of people there may be some benefit to moderate drinking (1-2 drinks a day). However, there is also evidence that even small amounts can increase your risk of certain cancers  and other diseases. The overall harmful effects of alcohol outweigh the good for most people, particularly for women.

 There’s no health-related reason to add alcohol to your routine, especially if you don’t already drink alcohol.

Where can I get help?

Champlain Health Line
Check out the for more information on addictions and mental health services.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
Looking for the latest research and information on alcohol and other drugs? This website provides the latest knowledge and resources on alcohol and other drug-related harm.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Are you concerned about your drinking? Take a look at the options to see if there is anything you would like to do right now. It is your choice. Evaluate your drinking.

Alcohol Help Centre
Are you concerned about problem drinking? Do you think you might need to cut down or are you thinking about quitting? This website provides you with information but please remember that it does not to replace the advice of a healthcare professional.

Impaired driving and OSAID
Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (O.S.A.I.D.) is a way for students to share messages with their peers about the dangers of driving while impaired by alcohol and or drugs. 

Ottawa Addictions Access and Referral Services (OAARS)
Are you concerned about your substance use and need help? If you are 16 or over OAARS can help you navigate the addictions treatment system to get the help you need.

Mental Health and Addictions Resource List  [PDF]