Taking Care of My Health: Falls prevention video campaign

One in four seniors fall each year.  It is estimated that there are 200,000 annual visits to Ottawa emergency rooms related to falls, most of which involve older adults (Burden of Injury, 2010). Most falls are preventable.

Ottawa Public Health’s “Taking Care of My Health” Falls Prevention video campaign was created to increase public awareness of falls in older adults and encourage healthy and safe behaviours to reduce this risk.

The following videos identify 4 key behaviours in relation to prevention falls among older adults.

Video 1: Preventing falls is easier than standing on your head

Video 2 : Prevent falls – make your home safe 

Video 3 : Eating for healthy bones

Video 4 : Report ALL falls

Video 1: Preventing falls is easier than standing on your head

Script for video 1


Video 2 : Prevent falls – make your home safe 

Script for video 2


Video 3 : Eating for healthy bones

Script for video 3


Video 4 : Report ALL falls

Script for video 4


 Video script: Preventing falls is easier than standing on your head

 Story opens on older gentleman "Bob" doing some light calisthenics at home (see Easy exercises to improve balance and leg strength! for reference)

NARRATOR (Authentic, Female)       

“Bob keeps himself fit. For flexibility…


…and strength…to prevent a fall.  

 As Bob is working through his seniors' calisthenis, he begins to bend lower...lower...(suprisingly) lower. 

“One in four seniors will fall this year.

It’s the leading cause of serious injury for older adults.”

Bob's hands touch the ground. And then, he does something that surprises the viewer. Bob elevates into a full handstand and headstand. Music hits crescendo. 

“Preventing falls is easier than…standing on your head.

Keep it simple”

 As Bob returns to normal exercises

“Include strength and balance activities in your day”

“A message from Ottawa Public Health.”



Video script: Prevent falls – make your home safe


Story opens in hallway of home. Older gentleman "Bob" walks through the frame and into the living room; eye glasses atop his head.

Begins with quiet ambient orchestral music in the background.

NARRATOR (Authentic, Female)

“The edge of a rug, spilled tea, poor lighting or a cord.

Suddenly, Bob slips (we don't know which is the culprit). At this moment, the video goes into "extreme slow motion". Bob's eye glasses crash into the floor.

The music ramps up orchestral, similar to a song used in an olympic figure skating routine.

That’s all it takes.”

At first, Bob appears to be falling "normally", until he begins to flip/twist in the air (in slow mo) ever so gracefully.

In fact, falls account for TWENTY THOUSAND visits to local emergency rooms every year – most involving older adults..

After a gymnastic like rotation in the air, Bob gently touches down on his feet without incident. Camera switchs back to normal speed.

The music turns from optimistic/dramatic to soft and serene.

“If only, falling was so graceful.


Prevent falls – make your home safe.        

A message from Ottawa Public Health.”



Video script: Eating for healthy bones

 Opening shot shows a doctor walking through a waiting room. An older patient "Mary" (healthy looking, with good posture) is sitting beside a strong young male patient "Chad" (wearing a sleeveless shirt showing muscles)

Doctor to nurse in exam room. 

“…Let’s see Mary’s bone density?”

Camera cuts to Mary in the waiting room. She appears confident at what the doctor will see on her x-ray (or dexa bone density x-ray)

Back in the exam room, the doctor is clearly suprised at how strong those bones look on the scan. 


“Calcium and vitamin D help build strong bones. And prevent falls."

 Doctor to nurse: 

“…Joan, I think this is…Chad’s X-ray??…”

Camera cuts to Chad and then back to the nurse


“…No, that’s Mary’s!”

Doctor's face looks "impressed". Cuts to Mary looking confident and charming. Animated food icons appear on screen (milk, yogurt, cheese for Calcium; Fish, egg yolk, and vitamin D supplement)


“Eat at least 3 servings of calcium rich food. And, take a vitamin D supplement. Every day.”

“For more information, contact Ottawa Public Health.”



Video script: Report ALL falls

 Opening shot shows a doctor's exam room. Older patient "Mary" is sitting on the exam table and a doctor is standing facing her.


“…So, have you had a fall since your last visit?” 

Mary shakes her head "No"


“…including slips and trips?”

 Mary is pensive, then remembers a series of slips and trips, seen in abstract flashback sequence.

Short sequence of 2 slips/trips (1. trip on stairs clutter, 2. bathtub slip)

Dramatic scene/music abruptly ends. 




“Maybe a few…”

Mary's smile at this point, and the examination continues.


“Report ALL falls, and discuss ways to prevent them with your Doctor.”

“For more information on falls prevention, contact Ottawa Public Health.”