What to do in a heat wave

Protect yourself

  • Avoid outings and activities during the warmest hours (generally from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • If you need to go out, stay in the shade (maybe bring an umbrella), wear light and loose clothing (cotton), sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Also bring lots of water.
  • Shut blinds and curtains of south exposed windows.
  • Keep windows shut as long as the outside temperature is hotter than the inside. Open the windows at night to encourage airflow.

Keep Yourself Cool

  • Stay inside the coolest rooms in your home.
  • If you do not have an air conditioner where you live, go to the nearest air-conditioned place for at least two hours daily.
  • Take cool showers or baths throughout the day or cool your body with a cold washcloth.

Talk With Your Doctor, Nurse or Pharmacist

  • Especially if you are taking medications or if you are feeling unwell.
  • Make sure to consult with your doctor if you are on a Restricted Fluid Intake. He/She will need to adjust this amount during hot weather days.

Drink Lots of Fluids

  • Drink a minimum equivalent of eight to 12 glasses/day of fluid.
  • Fluids include: water, fruit juices, ice cream, Popsicles, sport's drinks, cold soup/broth, fruits and vegetables high in water content (e.g. melon, strawberries, peaches).
  • Avoid or minimize alcohol.
  • Avoid or minimize caffeinated drinks (e.g. coffee, tea, some carbonated drinks).
  • Eat smaller meals.

Stay Connected

  • Ask for help from a family member, friend, or neighbour if the hot weather is making you feel uncomfortable.
  • It's a good idea to keep in daily contact with your friends and family to let them know how you are feeling.
  • Stay connected with other people who have a more difficult time coping with hot weather in your community and help them KEEP COOL.

Need more info? Call Ottawa Public Health Information at 613-580-6744