About Ottawa Public Health

 Ottawa Public Health

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) provides public health programs and services to individuals and communities while advocating for public policies that make our city and its residents healthier. OPH is a teaching health unit and works with all post secondary educational institutions in the area.  
OPH is governed by the Board of Health, which is comprised of elected members of City Council and public members. The legal obligations and authority for public health in Ontario are established under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. The Ontario Public Health Standards and Organizational Standards establish the requirements for fundamental public health programs and services. OPH services are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the City of Ottawa and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Increases quality of life Ottawa residents and prevents chronic diseases:

Protects against environmental health hazards:

Prevents epidemics and the spread of infectious diseases:

Reduces the number of injuries, disabilities and deaths:

Promotes and encourages healthy growth and development of families and children:

  • Helping moms-to-be plan a healthy pregnancy and prevent low birth-weight babies
  • Providing home visits to families with infants and young children
  • Providing support and education to parents and childcare providers

Conducts surveillance:


Ottawa Public Health’s Strategic Priorities


All Ottawa’s communities and people are healthy, safe and actively engaged in their well-being.


In partnership with the people and communities of Ottawa, Ottawa Public Health improves and advocates for health and well-being through prevention, promotion and protection.

Strategic priorities

  1. Inspire and Support Healthy Eating and Active Living
  2. Foster Mental Health in Our Community
  3. Enhance Collective Capacity to Reduce Preventable Infectious Diseases
  4. Develop an Adaptive Workforce for the Future
  5. Advance Healthy Public Policy


Ottawa Board of Health

The Board of Health is responsible for upholding standards under the Health Protection and Promotion Act and other legislation, and for establishing the overall objectives and priorities of OPH. Learn more about the board, its members and read the latest minutes and agendas.


Jobs with OPH

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