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January 2016

New Bilingual Mental Health Support Services for Parents/Caregivers in the Champlain Region offered by Parents Lifeline of Eastern Ontario (PLEO)

  • Providing peer support, system navigation, and face to face individual family support
  • For parents and caregivers of children, youth and young adults up to age 24 years

Situational awareness about local misuse of non-opioid prescription medication

  • Ottawa Public Health has recently become aware of a recent change in local drug use behaviours

December 2015

Quitting Smoking: New Year’s Resolution to Reality

  • Taking 30 seconds to ask your patients if they smoke can turn a thought into an attempt to quit or reduce.
  • Guide your patients to the resources and services available at no cost through My Quit and Ottawa Public Health Cessation Services

Clarification of catch-up immunization schedule for school-age children:  Tdap-IPV vs DTaP-IPV

Children who begin their immunization late,  between the ages of 1 and 7 years are not adequately immunized if only receive Tdap-IPV Adacel–Polio® or Boostrix-Polio®)

  • Pediacel® vaccine must be used for primary immunization of children aged up to and including 4
  • Quadracel® or Infanrix-IPV® vaccines must be used for primary immunization of children aged 5 and including age 6 (as they contain higher pertussis and diphtheria antigen content)
  • Quadracel® or Infanrix-IPV® must be ordered from OPH on a case by case basis

November 2015

November is “Take Action on Radon” Month

  • During the month of November, Ottawa Public Health and external partners will be publicizing the dangers of radon gas. Your patients may approach you with questions
  • Radon is the # 2 leading cause of lung cancer after smoking
  • Test kits for radon are available for purchase from major hardware stores or from Ottawa Public Health
  • Online free CME is available on the topic

Worried about a pregnant patient?

  • Refer to the Ottawa Public Health Healthy Babies, Healthy children program!
  • Early Intervention Works

October 2015

Check out several free, accredited, online CME courses

  • Refugee Mental Health
  • Spotlight on Cancer Screening
  • Aboriginal Relationship and Cultural Competency

NEW Mental Health Resources for Point-of-Care

  • New point-of-care website designed to help primary care providers support patients and their families withmental health needs (referrals, handouts, screening tools).
  • Free mental health walk-in counselling services available to all ages in English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, and Somali languages across the Champlain LHIN to assist individuals, couples, and families by providing immediate counselling support.

No time for nutritional assessments?

  • NutriSTEP® is a fast and easy nutrition risk tool for toddlers and preschoolers
  • It can be completed by the parent prior to the child’s visit
  • Aids in assessment of the eating habits, physical activity and development of your young patients. 

Where parents go, to get in the know and access great parenting resources!

  • Make it easier for your youngest patients to grow up healthy in Ottawa.
  • Access to great parenting resources are now available.
  • Learn more about Parenting in Ottawa

September 2015

Immunization: Requirements for School Children 

  • Children attending primary or secondary school in Ontario must have proof of immunization against designated diseases
  • Families are required to provide this documentation to their local Public Health unit, where immunization status is assessed.
  • As we enter a new school year, parents may contact you to request additional information regarding their child’s immunization record, or to request missing vaccinations for their child.

August 2015

How much is too much?

Alcohol screening reduces alcohol consumption

Do you ask patients about alcohol? Physicians are uniquely positioned to directly influence patient wellness on alcohol misuse; a leading cause of death and disability. Alcohol screening in the health care setting results in greater awareness for your patients and reduced alcohol consumption.

July 2015

Better Strength, Better Balance!

Better Strength, Better Balance! is a free fall prevention exercise and education program for people aged 65+ that was developed using evidenced based criteria.

Important information on Heat for Health Practitioners and Patients

  • Extreme heat events are posing a growing public health risk in Canada, as a result of a changing climate
  • Health Canada is implementing new alert criteria

Is it is safe to swim at Ottawa’s beaches?

Ottawa Public Health inspects water quality daily for bacterial levels at all Ottawa beaches (Britannia, Mooney’s Bay, Westboro, Petrie Island East Bay , Petrie Island River Beaches ) and the out of town beaches twice monthly. Water samples are sent to the Ontario Public Health lab for analysis which involves a 24-hour turnaround, meaning the posted lab results are from the previous day’s sampling.

June, 2015

Lyme Disease Update

  • Prevention is key – advise people to take measures to avoid being bitten by ticks and to do a ‘full body tick check’ after being in natural areas
  • Advise all patients to seek medical attention if symptoms of Lyme disease develop in the 30 days following a tick bite (whether or not the tick was acquired in a high risk area)
  • Report all suspect and confirmed cases of Lyme disease to Ottawa Public Health

Immunization: A shot of prevention

  • OPH is increasing surveillance activities by reviewing immunization records as part of a multi-phased immunization strategy.

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