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Register for recreation programs

Class and activity registration

To register for a recreational class or activity, you'll need:

  1. A client barcode and family PIN numbers

    1. Get a Client Barcode and Family PIN by:

      1. Create your family account online
      2. Visiting a recreation facility or Client Service Centre
      3. Calling 613-580-2588 Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 7 pm (except on statutory holidays) and follow the prompts
    2. Forgot your Barcode or Family PIN?

      1. Account information can be emailed to you, if you have previously provided your email address. Use the PIN and Barcode lookup tool to retrieve the information.
      2. Call 613-580-2588 Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 7 pm (except on statutory holidays) and follow the prompts.
      3. Visit a recreation facility or Client Service Centre.
  2. Your Course Code number

    1. Don't know the course code number? Browse the recreation guide.
  3. Your Visa or MasterCard information to pay for the program

    1. No credit card? No problem. Visit any recreation or culture facility prior to the registration start date to put a credit on your account.


Recreation guide

Don't hibernate. Take a course with Ottawa Recreation and Culture.

Winter 2017 Programs

Swimming Programs:

Swim Lessons: Pools A to M [ PDF - 2.41 MB ]

Swim Lessons: Pools N to Z [ PDF - 2.32 MB ]

Certification and Specialty Swimming [ PDF - 667.88 KB ]

Recreation Programs:

Skating [ PDF - 664.85 KB ]

Preschoolers [ PDF - 730.91 KB ]

Children [ PDF - 990.11 KB ]

Youth [ PDF - 388.61 KB ]

Family [ PDF - 369.12 KB ]

Adult [ PDF - 854.86 KB ]

50+ Adults [ PDF - 1.93 MB ]

Fitness and Wellness [ PDF - 860.03 KB ]

Special Needs [ PDF - 291.42 KB ]

View City of Ottawa programs offered in French.


Winter holiday camps

Operates December 27, 2016 to January 6, 2017.  Register now!
ottawa summer camps, come play with us

Winter Break Camp – Adventure

Join your friends for an exciting outing. Our energetic and experienced staff will take the kids to a fun destination.

Facility Phone January Camps
Pat Clark (Cyrville)  613-748-1771 Register here

South Fallingbrook 

613-824-0633 Register here

Winter Break Camp – Energy

When school's out, we're in for an action filled day of activities. Kids explore the world of crafts, games, and special activities while developing new friendships.

Facility Phone January Camps
 Eva James  613-271-0712  Register here
 Greely  613-580-2424 ext. 30235  Register here
 Minto-Barrhaven  613-727-2683  Register here
 Overbrook  613-742-5147  No camps
 Pat Clark (Cyrville)  613-748-1771  Register here
 Richcraft-Kanata  613-580-9696  Register here
 Rideauview  613-822-7887  Register here
 South Fallingbrook  613-824-0633  Register here
Greenboro Winter Break Camp - Energy
  Barcode January camps Barcode
Monday No camp January 2 1069634


January 3


Wednesday 1069631 January 4 1069636
Thursday 1069632 January 5 1069637
Friday  1069633 January 6


Winter Break Camp – Energy & Skate

When school's out, enjoy an action-filled day of activities with a special outing or special guest, as well as cool themes, games and crafts.

Facility Phone January Camps
Ray Friel 613-830-2747 Register here
St-Laurent 613-742-6767 Register here

Winter Break Camp – Energy & Swim

When school's out, enjoy an action-filled day of activities or special guest, as well as cool themes, games and crafts.

Facility Phone January Camps
Kanata Leisure 613-591-9283 Register here
Minto-Barrhaven 613-727-2683 Register here
Richcraft-Kanata 613-580-9696 Register here
Walter Baker 613-580-2788 No camps

Winter Break Camp – Hockey

Develop and improve your hockey skills on your day off in a fun and relaxed environment. Full hockey equipment mandatory. 

Facility Phone January Camps
Jim Durrell 613-247-4811 Register here

Winter Break Camp – Swim & Skate

When school's out, enjoy an action-filled day of activities with a special outing or special guest, as well as cool themes, games and crafts.

Facility Phone January Camps
Bob MacQuarrie-Orléans 613-824-0819 Register here
Goulbourn 613-580-2532  Register here
 Nepean Sportsplex  613-580-2828  Register here
 Pinecrest  613-828-3118  Register here

March break camps

Operate March 13 to 17, 2017. Register starting January 18, 2017 at 9 pm.

March Break [ PDF 821 KB ]

Summer camps

Operate June 26 to September 1, 2017.Register starting March 8, 2017 at 9 pm

Youth leadership programs

Leadership programs are offered for youth at various locations throughout the city. Choose from traditional leadership development programs, arts leadership or sports leader. Swimming certification courses are also available.

Join Ottawa - search for programs by facility

Prefer to search for activities by recreation facility? JOINOttawa is an accessible format for recreation and culture course information.

Browse and Register for all recreation and culture classes, activities and programs.

How to search and register for a class or activity

If the video does not play in your browser, please download how to search and register for a class or activity [MP4]

Welcome to the City of Ottawa’s online registration system for classes and activities.

To register, you will require a Client Barcode and Family PIN. For help on how to create an account and obtain a Barcode and PIN, watch the “Creating a Client Account” tutorial. The first step to register for a class or activity is to visit

On the homepage, you will see a box with the ServiceOttawa logo. Select the link that says “Classes and Activities – Recreation Registration”.

Before you register, here are some things to remember:

  • You will need your family PIN and Client Barcode
  • You can add multiple classes to your cart before checking out
  • To register for a class or activity that has already started, please visit or call the facility where it is offered

Let’s get started.

On the “Classes and Activities – Recreation Registration” page, select the link that says “Register”.

This will open the online registration system. If you know the barcode of the class or activity you’d like to register for, enter it in the top left corner and select the magnifying glass button. Details about the class or activity will appear.

Once you have confirmed that this is the correct class or activity, add it to your Shopping Cart by selecting the “Add” button.
A box will appear where you enter your Client Barcode and Family PIN, then select Login.

If you don’t know the class or activity barcode, you can browse courses using the category and sub-category options.

For this example, we’ll select the Adults category and the Fitness sub-category.

Once you have selected your preferred categories, a list of activities appears. These activities are listed in alphabetical order.

To further refine your search, you can enter a keyword.

For example, if you are interested in taking a yoga class, enter the word yoga in the keyword box and select the Search Button.

A list of all classes containing the word yoga, within your selected category and sub-category, will appear. Select the Show courses button to view more details about the class or activity.

This information includes the activity name, its barcode, the day of week and time of the activity, the start and end date, location, total number of classes and how many spots are still available for registration.

When the View details link is selected, a new window will appear providing additional information including cost and age requirements. If you would like to return to your search, select the X button to close the window and return to the previous screen.

If you would like to register for the class or activity, select the Add button.

A box will appear. Enter your Client Barcode and Family PIN, then select Login.

Once you have logged in, select the client you wish to register from the drop-down menu.

To add more than one person to the class or activity, select the Add Client button and use the drop-down menu to select the client.

To continue browsing classes and activities, select the Continue Shopping box. This will bring you back to the search page where you can continue adding items to your shopping cart.

If you would like to remove a class or activity from your cart, select the X Remove button.

To complete your transaction and register for the class, select the Go to Check-out button.

A window will open where you can review the entries in your Shopping Cart.

To complete registration, use the drop-down menu to select whether your credit card type is VisaTM or MastercardTM , and enter your credit card number.

Use the drop-down menu to enter the expiry date.

Once you have checked that the information is correct, select the Complete Transaction button.

You can cancel the transaction at anytime by selecting Cancel and Return to Cart.

If you agree with the terms and conditions of the program liability waiver, select “agree”.

For your records, we recommend printing the on-screen receipt that appears at the end of the transaction.

For more information, please call ServiceOttawa at 3-1-1.

Thank you for registering for classes and activities with the City of Ottawa.

Creating a Client Account

This step by step guide will show you how to get a Family PIN and Personal Barcode so you can register for classes and activities with the City. 

If the video does not play in your browser, please download creating a client account [MP4]

Part I - Creating a client account

Step 1


Step 2

In the box with the ServiceOttawa logo, select the link that says:
Classes and Activities – Recreation Registration

Step 3 

On the registration page, select the link that says: Get a client barcode and family PIN number

This will bring you to an online form where you can create an account

Step 4

Fill in all information boxes with an asterisk (*) beside them

  1. Enter your first name followed by your last
  2. Use the drop down menus to enter your gender, and date of birth
  3. Enter your street number, and your street name
  4. Select your city, and country from the drop down menus – Canada is the default for country
  5. Select your province from the drop down menu
  6. Enter your postal code
  7. Select your preferred language by using the drop down menu; English is the default, however, French can also be selected
  8. Enter your phone number and email address 

Step 5

Review the information on the form and make sure it is correct

If you would like to add any family members to your account, please do so before you select the Create New button. Instructions on how to add a family member are found in Part II of this guide.

Step 6

If all of the information on the form is correct, and you do not wish to add a family member, select the Create New button – Proceed to Part III of this guide

Part II - Adding a family member to your account

Some important notes before you add other members to this account:

  1. This should be done for every member of your family
  2. The birth date of each person is required
  3. Once you have selected Create New, changes can only be made by:
  • Calling ServiceOttawa at 3-1-1
  • Calling or visiting a recreation and culture facility
  • Visiting a Client Service Centre

Step 1

Select the Add another person to this account button

Step 2

Enter your family member’s first and last name

Step 3

Use the drop down menu to enter your family member’s gender

Step 4

Use the drop down menu to enter your family member’s date of birth

Step 5

Add all family members to your account and ensure that the information is correct

Step 6

Select the Create New button

Part III - Confirmation

Once you select the Create New button, a confirmation message will appear

Select OK

A confirmation email with your Family PIN and Personal Barcode will be sent to the email address you provided.  

One barcode is provided for each member of your family.
Once you have this information, you will be able to register for recreation classes and activities offered by the City of Ottawa.
If you require more information, please call ServiceOttawa at 3-1-1.
Thank-you for creating an account using the City of Ottawa’s online registration system.

Computer Requirements for Registration System

  1. What browser do I need to use the system? 

This registration system works with Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Google Chrome 12 and higher, Mozilla Firefox 4 and higher and Apple Safari 5 and higher (Mac only). We recommend a minimum of 128-bit encryption based browsers.

Google Chrome download

Internet Explorer download

Mozilla Firefox download

Apple Safari download

 2.      Troubleshooting Tip:

If you are attempting to register from your home computer, the security setting in your internet browser may be set too high and blocking all cookies which would prevent your ability to register. Depending on your internet browser you may find the area to adjust the setting under different drop down menus. In Internet Explorer, Go to the "Tools" drop down menu and select "Internet Options" and set your Privacy setting to Medium and also allow "Cookies" and "Java Scripting". Not accepting cookies or disabling Java Scripting may make certain features of the Registration System unavailable to you.

Forms for extended recreation and culture programs

Please complete the following form(s) if you are registering your child(ren) in a program that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The program operates for 2.5 hours or more at one time
  • The program is considered a before or after school program
  • The program is considered a day camp or march break program
  • The program is an unlicensed drop-off preschool program offered for two or more hours at a time (e.g. Duffer Doo)

All participants must submit a completed Program Enrolment Form on or before the first day of camp. If required, please also complete the Medication Forms and submit them at the same time. You can either print these forms, or pick up a copy at your local facility.

Please note that these forms cannot be submitted electronically.

Special needs

Special Needs services and support requests

All recreation programs, services and public events offered within the City's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department are open to participants with disabilities, in respect of terms and conditions in department policy.

Note: Should you or a family member wish to discuss individual accommodation please allow 2 weeks’ notice for processing of the individual request. If you have registered online or by telephone you are still required to provide the 2 weeks’ notice. 

Contact a co-ordinator  Portfolio Manager  613-580-2424 ext. 29289  613-580-2424 ext. 29300: Co-ordinator, Special Needs East District  613-798-3394: Co-ordinator Therapeutic Programs  613-580-2424 ext. 41226: Co-ordinator, Special Needs West District  580-2424 ext. 29292: Co-ordinator, Special Needs Central District   613-580-2424 ext. 29291: Co-ordinator, Special Needs South District

City Wide Special Needs – 613-580-2424 ext. 29283

Hintonburg Community Centre (program information) – 613-798-8874
Jack Purcell Community Centre (program information) – 613-564-1050

To discuss programming needs, or to suggest new program concepts, or if you have questions contact us at

Therapeutic recreation programs

The City of Ottawa, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Service Coordination, Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre and several community organizations, hosts Therapeutic and Recreation Day Programs throughout the city. This service represents three major areas of specialized programming.

Full day programs currently being offered include the following:
SCEL (Support Community Enhanced Learning), Variety East and West and Rendez Vous (francophone) all serving adults with developmental disability as well as ABI (Acquired Brain Injury Program & Post-Stroke) and SPIRIT (for medically fragile children) please contact 613-580-2424 ext 29320.

Recreation programs

Programs are offered throughout various community centres giving children, youth and adults with special needs, the opportunity to participate in year round programs that provide recreation and social programming. The social/recreation programs take place throughout the city during the day, evening and weekends. The programs include a wide range of options: community outings, social clubs, After school programs, fitness, aquatics, summer camps for children, youth and adults, health and wellness and other leisure activities.

Support person

Support Person: is defined, per Section 4(8) Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, O. Reg. 429/07, as follows: "a support person means, in relation to a person with a disability, another person who accompanies him or her in order to help with communication, mobility, personal care or medical needs or with access to goods
Communication Support – may include, but are not limited to captioning, alternative and augmentative communication supports, plain text, sign language and other supports that facilitate effective communication.

A "Family Procured Release for 1:1 Support worker Form-2013" for participants providing their own assistant may be required prior to commencement of the program and the assistant could be subject to an admission fee as per the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, O. Reg. 429/07, under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, S.O. 2005, c.11.

It should be noted that the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment will be upheld.

Public event, meeting or consultation accommodations

Please call the Coordinator, Special Needs with Recreation and Cultural Services at 613-580-2424 ext. 29292 if you require any disability related accommodations to participate in recreation and culture events, consultations and public meetings.

More information on accessible services:

Financial Support – Ottawa Hand in Hand

Recreation & Culture Fee Support

The City of Ottawa offers help with program fees so that all residents can take part in recreation and culture activities regardless of their ability to pay. If you are already a participant in a community or social service agency program, or if you are an individual or family with a low-income, you may qualify for the Ottawa Hand in Hand recreation and culture fee support program.

To apply for the Ottawa Hand in Hand, Recreation and Culture Fee Support:

Step 1: Get the application form at any recreation facility or at a Client Service Centre.

Step 2: Complete the application form.

Step 3: Bring the completed application form to your local recreation or cultural facility. A supervisor will review the application for approval.

More information on the fee support program:

  • Residents of all ages are eligible for Ottawa Hand in Hand, recreation and culture fee support.
  • Applications can only be approved at a recreation or cultural facility.
  • Residents are encouraged to apply for the Ottawa Hand in Hand fee support as early as possible before the program registration period. Each qualifying individual, or member of a family, is eligible for an annual amount of fee support ($170 per person).
  • Participants can register for recreation and culture programs or activities at any of the program registration locations across the City.
  • Applicants are encouraged to pay a minimum of 25 per cent of the program cost. A parent or guardian can transfer all, or a portion of their Ottawa Hand in Hand fee support entitlement to a child or children in their household.
  • Applications for Ottawa Hand in Hand, recreation and culture fee support are accepted at anytime.

Gift certificates

We have the perfect gift for everyone on your list.Gift certificates

Recreation and Culture gift certificates make your shopping easy while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for your family and friends.

Choose from hundreds of activities including fitness, pottery, ballroom dance, swimming or skating lessons, soccer programs, martial arts, yoga, and even playgroups for preschoolers. Browse our online e-guide for a complete list of classes and activities.

Fitness Memberships are a perfect gift idea! Affordable options for getting fit include swimming, aquafitness, group fitness classes, skating, racquet sports, weight/cardio and indoor cycling. Memberships are valid city-wide.

Available at City of Ottawa recreation or culture facility.

Gift Certificates are like cash and can be redeemed at recreation facilities or Client Service Centres to register for the program of your choice! At these locations, you can also request the value of the gift certificate be credited to your account for later use during online or telephone registration.

Terms and Conditions of Registration

Programs must be paid for in full at the time of registration. Payment can be made by cheque, credit card, debit card or cash. Cheques are made payable to the City of Ottawa. Prepaid or reloadable credit cards, gift certificate, Visa Debit and Interac Online are not accepted at this time.


If a spot should become available due to another person cancelling or transferring out of the class, you will receive a call from staff. At that time you can decide whether to take or decline the spot. You may register in another class and on the chance your waitlisted course becomes available, you will be contacted to confirm if you wish to be transferred back to your original preference.

Incorrect age

Unfortunately the registration system will not allow you to register if you do not meet the required age at the start of the program. Contact your local recreational facility, Client Service Centre, or call 3-1-1.


Courses with insufficient registration will be cancelled. If a class or lesson is cancelled, every attempt will be made to re-schedule. If the class or lesson cannot be rescheduled, a refund will be issued.

Withdrawals and refunds

Withdrawals can be made:

  • Online, up to 7 days before course start date for a credit on your recreation account
  • At any recreation facility or Client Service Centre


If you want a refund, you must fill out and submit a Refund Request Form available at the facility or Client Service Centre.

  • Refunds can only be issued by cheque, credit card, or as a credit on your recreation account. A $15 processing fee is applied to cheque or credit card refunds.
  • Refunds will be issued within 21 days of the receipt of the Refund Request Form.
  • If more than 50 per cent of the course or membership has elapsed, no refund or credit on account will be offered.
  • No refunds or credit for private lessons.
  • For admission and goods purchases, refunds will be processed at the facility with proof of purchase.

Returned cheque /declined credit card fee

A service fee will be charged after two declined credit card payments and on all cheques returned as Non Sufficient Funds (NSF), Stop Payment or Funds Not Cleared.

Credits on Account

Credits can be left on your account for two years.  After which, refunds will be issued automatically and subject to a $15 processing fee.

Seniors’ discount

City of Ottawa residents who are 65 years of age and over will receive a discount of 10 per cent when registering for a City program. A proof of age is required.

Non-resident fee

Non-Ottawa residents will be charged an additional 25 per cent per person per program or membership.

Credit Card payments in excess of $5,000

Credit Card payments totalling $5,000 or greater (within a one month period) will be charged a fee of 1.99% as authorized by City of Ottawa By-law 2013-191. The City's Accounts Receivable Unit will issue a blue invoice monthly for these fees. 

Medication administration

If the participant requires that City of Ottawa staff be responsible for storing, administering or supervising the administration of any medication, the participant or parent/guardian is required to sign a release waiver and submit it to the facility where the program is being offered. Contact the facility for additional information.

Severe allergies

It is the responsibility of the participant or parent/guardian to identify if there are severe allergies that require an auto-injector. The City of Ottawa attempts to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants with "allergen-safe zones and practices". Participants or parents/guardians are required to provide two auto-injectors and sign a release waiver to be submitted to the facility where the program is offered.

Seniors and 50+ adults

Older adults can participate in recreation programs, courses and drop-ins at:

Current programs are listed in the Recreation Guide and JOINOttawa.

Neighbourhood partners and community organizations operate clubs and groups to provide activities.

Seniors’ discount

Adults age 65+ are eligible for a discount on adult programs offered at recreation facilities.

Help with fees

Ottawa Hand in Hand

The City helps older adults take part in recreation and culture programs, through:

Programs for older adults

Big Band Dances

Active Living Club 50+

Logo of Family Physiotheray Centres

Designed for adults 50 and over to enjoy the outdoors in a safe, healthy and fun environment. Take part in hiking, cycling, canoeing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing programs throughout the year.

City Wide Sports
Phone: 613-580-2854
Fax: 613-580-2855