Job placements

Paid or unpaid job placements are available based on your recent work experience and job readiness.

Paid job placement

The City partners with employers and community agencies to create jobs for Ontario Works participants and other unemployed residents. These jobs are posted in our Employment Resource Areas. If you are job ready, we can screen and assess your skills and experience against those required by an employer to find a job that suits you. Additional supports may be available to help you start a placement. Speak to your case coordinator if you feel you are suited for this activity.

Unpaid job placement

Unpaid placements are available if you haven’t worked in a long time and you need work experience. An unpaid placement increases your self-confidence and provides you with an opportunity to meet new people to help you with your job search. An unpaid placement is often a stepping-stone to paid employment as it provides you with experience, an opportunity to develop new skills and get references. Additional supports may be available to help you through this activity. If you are interested in an unpaid placement, speak to your case coordinator.

Self-employment program

Where approved by a case coordinator, participants may be able to pursue self-employment as an employment activity. To learn more about this option, please contact your case coordinator.