Applying for social housing

  • The City’s Housing branch administers and funds social housing in Ottawa
  • There are about 22,500 social housing units
  • Rental rates for social housing are set according to the income of the renter, with households paying no more than 30 per cent of their income towards rent
  • There are 56 independent non-profit housing organizations that operate social housing across the city
  • Wait times for social housing in Ottawa can be up to five years


To apply for social housing in Ottawa, contact the housing registry.

The Registry maintains the centralized waiting list for social housing. The Registry is located at 2197 Riverside Drive, and can be reached by phone at 613-526-2088.

Other resources

With over 9,500 households on the waiting list for social housing, the wait time can be over five years. There are other agencies that can help you look for affordable housing in the private market.

Housing Help
309 Cooper St, Suite 502
Tel. 613-563-4532
Fax 613-563-8019

261 Montreal Road
Tel. 613-562-8219
Fax 613-241-1526

Financial Assistance

If you need help with living costs, please contact the Employment and Financial Assistance branch or 3-1-1.

Ottawa Community Housing Corporation

Ottawa Community Housing Corporation (OCHC) is the largest social housing provider in Ottawa, and the City is the sole shareholder.

OCHC staff and management handle the day-to-day operations, including responding to and handling tenant concerns.