Garry J Armstrong

200 Island Lodge Road
Ottawa, ON K1N 5M2
Tel: 613-789-5100
Fax: 613-789-3704

Spectacular river views from a beautiful island setting in the heart of Ottawa complement the excellent facility, expert staff, and responsive services provided in this home.

The Armstrong Home is situated on the picturesque banks of the Rideau River, between the Vanier Parkway and King Edward Avenue, in Central Ottawa. It opened its doors June 2005 and replaced the original home, Island Lodge, which opened in 1964.

Special Features:

This seven-storey, 180-bed Long Term Care Home accommodates residents on six “Houses” with 30 residents in each House. It has a mixture of private and double rooms – 108 private rooms and 72 basic units. Private rooms are furnished with a bed, night table, dresser and a small chair. Basic rooms are furnished with a built-in cabinet, bed, night table and a small chair. Rooms can be personalized with a resident’s belongings.

There are three wings on each floor, which meet at the centre core and accommodate the elevators, home office, spa, a kitchen servery, a dining room, a refreshment area, a lounge with a fireplace and a large south-facing balcony. Memory cabinets are placed outside all resident rooms.

The second and third floor are reserved for residents that require dementia care. This private and individual support allows the home to improve care that is offered to residents with dementia.

The Armstrong Home has a beautiful natural setting and a variety of comfortable, visiting spaces. The surrounding grounds boast an abundance of wildlife and feature garden paths with night lighting for enjoying the natural surroundings any time of day. The grounds also feature secure walking paths and a gazebo.

Excellent home-cooked meals are served in dining rooms that overlook beautiful gardens and the river. In the center of a spacious atrium is a beautiful fireplace and area where residents can partake in various activities. There is also an activity room, pub and tea room.

Weekly menu 

Homes have seasonal menus posted in the dining area. The menus follow a minimum three (3) week cycle. Copies of the menus are available upon request.

Menus for each meal through the day are communicated before the meal to residents and guests.  Prepared plates of both meal options at lunch and supper are shown to all residents before the meal so they can select their choice.

Meals and snacks are planned following the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care legislation and Canada’s Food Guide.

Residents are consulted through the Resident’s Food Committee in the home to incorporate residents’ meal preferences.

Photo gallery

Garry J. Armstrong Long Term Care Facility - living room Garry J. Armstrong Long Term Care Facility - dining room

Garry J. Armstrong Long Term Care Facility - dining area Garry J. Armstrong Long Term Care Facility - resident’s room

Floor plans

Private room

Private Room

Double room

Double Room