Natural windbreaks


  • Maximum grant: 75 per cent up to $6,000

Project Purpose:

To improve water quality by planting vegetation or trees to protect land from contaminants that may result from nearby soil erosion or contamination.

Project Details:

  • If applicable, a plan is required specifying species, planting density, location, site preparation and maintenance. It is recommended that the plan should be developed in conjunction with local CA staff or a private consultant.
  • Applicants are responsible for the care and maintenance of vegetation, including trees.
  • Livestock must be excluded from the site.
  • Planting native species will generally be required as part of the grant approval.
  • Care should be taken to select plantings that will not encourage beaver activity.
  • The site must be maintained according to the approved project and verified by Program representative annually for applicants to be eligible for the performance incentive.

NOTE: Each applicant is responsible for ensuring that the project meets all legal requirements, including City by-laws, provincial and federal acts/regulations, and Conservation Authority permits/approvals.

Eligible Project Costs:

  • Fencing along windbreaks
  • Permits and approvals
  • Purchase of materials and supplies
  • Contract labour and professional fees
  • Reasonable in-kind contributions for applicant’s labour ($20/hr) and equipment ($50/hr) associated with the implementation of the proposed project

The Program reserves the right to limit the eligible amount for in-kind contributions for applicants based on the proposed project. Applicants must provide a detailed written accounting of all in-kind contributions submitted as part of the total cost for the proposed project. In-kind costs associated with completing the Program application, project planning, supervision, or administration, are not eligible for funding.

Ineligible Costs

  • Commercial stock, fruit trees or Christmas tree species, which are commercially marketable in less than 5 years, are not eligible.
  • Taxes

To find out more, please consult the program guide and application form.