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Bike to Work Month

Bike to Work Month

Bike to Work Month - Ride your bike and feel your best May is Bike to Work Month in Ottawa – an annual campaign that promotes, educates and encourages cycling as a viable and enjoyable commuting option for people of all ages and abilities.

Sign up to Win

Bike to Work Month celebrates commuter cyclists and gives them a chance to win over $10,000 in great prizes from local business!

There are many ways you can participate:

Sign up at for a happier commute.

Find cycling routes 

You can help plan your route by using the City of Ottawa Cycling Map to find cycling paths and routes that will make your trip comfortable and convenient. 

Cycling Safety 

Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, cyclists, motorists and pedestrians have equal rights and access to our roadways. All users have to share the road; share the respect. The cycling safety page provides some safety information and rules through text, pictures and videos on how to safely cycle on the road.