Visitor's parking permit

Visitor's parking permits are available only for use in Residential Parking Permit Zones by out-of-town non-residents for a maximum of two weeks. If a visitor wishes to extend his or her visit, then he or she must purchase a regular On-Street Parking Permit.

In order to obtain a permit, a visitor must provide:

  • Proof of host’s residency – copy of lease if renting, or tax bill if property owner
  • Letter from host’s landlord stating that there is no parking available at any cost on the property
  • Copy of visitor’s vehicle registration. If the vehicle registration does not show his or her home address, then the applicant must also provide the visitor’s driver’s licence for proof of non-residency.

The new fee structure will take effect on April1, 2016

  • Residential Visitor Parking (no refunds) per week or less
    • $7.50 +HST (summer:  April - Nov); 
    • $35 +HST (Winter: Dec – Mar)
  • Residential Visitor Parking (no refunds) up to 2 weeks
    • $15 +HST (Summer:  April - Nov);
    • $70 +HST (winter (Dec – Mar)

These can be obtained at any City of Ottawa Client Service Centre.

For further information, call 3-1-1.