Visitor's parking permit

Visitor's parking permits are available only for use in Residential Parking Permit Zones by out-of-town non-residents for a maximum of two weeks. If a visitor wishes to extend his or her visit, then he or she must purchase a regular On-Street Parking Permit.

The Visitor Parking Permit Applicant must be the resident who must make the application on behalf of his or her visitor.  The applicant or host must provide:

  • Proof of residency – copy of lease if renting, or tax bill if property owner
  • Copy of visitor’s vehicle registration. If the vehicle registration does not show the visitor's address, then the applicant must also provide the visitor’s driver’s licence for proof of non-residency.

The new fee structure will take effect on April1, 2016

  • Residential Visitor Parking (no refunds) per week or less
    • $7.50 +HST (summer:  April - Nov); 
    • $35 +HST (Winter: Dec – Mar)
  • Residential Visitor Parking (no refunds) up to 2 weeks
    • $15 +HST (Summer:  April - Nov);
    • $70 +HST (winter (Dec – Mar)

These can be obtained at any City of Ottawa Client Service Centre.

For further information, call 3-1-1.