Free weekend parking

Free weekend parking is available on weekends at City lots and on-street parking meters located within the downtown core (bounded in the east by the Rideau Canal and in the west by Bronson Avenue, to the north by Wellington Street, and in the south by Catherine Street). Please check parking signs, as time restrictions may apply.

Find out more about short term and monthly rates.

MMonthly Parking when available

Free weekend parking available at:

Enclosed lots
Parc 3M Monthly Parking – Ful Tenant Parking - Available 212 Gloucester StBetween Bank St and Kent St


Unenclosed lots
Lot 9   234-250 Slater St Between Bank St and Kent St

Enclosed lots

Lot 3 M - 212 Gloucester between Kent and Bank Streets

Unenclosed surface lots

Lot 9 - 234-250 Slater - Bank St. at Slater St.