Pay and Display

What is Pay and Display? 

During the summer of 2010, the City of Ottawa installed new Pay and Display machines to replace parking meters.

A Pay and Display machine is a kiosk that replaces, on average, six to eight individual parking meters on a street. It allows users to pay for on-street parking using coins or credit cards (VISA, Mastercard and American Express accepted) and provides them with a receipt.

Parking rates and restrictions have not changed with the implementation of Pay and Display machines.

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How does Pay and Display work? 

Step by step instructions

Step 1 


Parking with Coins

  • Deposit coins in the coin slot until you reach the desired expiry time.

Parking with a credit card 

  • Insert card (stripe down and to the right). Remove the card (quickly).
  • Use either of the blue buttons:
  • Press the first blue button to purchase time in 25 cent increments until you reach the desired amount of time.
  • Press the second blue button for maximum time allowed. (The time limit is indicated in the panel above the screen.)

Step 2 

Press green button to obtain payment ticket. This is the confirmation of your transaction.

Step 3 

Remove the payment ticket from the slot located at the bottom right of the machine. Display the payment ticket showing expiration time face-up on your dashboard.

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Pay and Display locations and timing

Area P&D Location Maps Anticipated Timing of Installation**
Preston Street / Holland Cross / Ruskin Street / Ottawa River Parkway (vicinity of the War Museum) map [ PDF - 558 KB ] Completed
ByWard Market map [ PDF - 553 KB ] Completed
Downtown Rideau / Rideau Street map [ PDF - 547 KB ] Complete 
Centretown (North) map[ PDF - 566 KB ] Completed
Ottawa Chinatown map [ PDF - 698 KB ] Completed
Centretown (South) map Completed
Vanier map Completed
Glebe map November 2011

* Maps of each Pay and Display location by area to be provided as they are available** Timeframes provided are subject to change. Please check back for updates through the installation period. 

Benefits of Pay and Display

More paying options: They provide customers with more paying options: coins and credit cards.

More sustainable/efficient technology: Operated by solar power, the system is monitored centrally which makes it easier to deal with problems.. , The use of solar power eliminates the need to replace 40,000 batteries used annually to power the old parking meters.

Time is transportable: Users pay for time instead of space and will be able to move from one on-street parking area to another. For example, if you pay for one hour and use only 15 minutes – and need to go elsewhere – you can drive and park in another on-street paid parking area using the same payment ticket on your dashboard. (Always observe the local signed parking restrictions.)

Reduced street clutter because on average each Pay and Display machine replaces six to seven parking meters.

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Help section

Can I use my existing parking card on the new Pay and Display machines?

No. Your existing parking card will not work with the new Pay and Display machines since they will use different technology. You can however, continue to use your current parking card throughout the summer with the remaining existing parking meters until the transition to Pay and Display machines is completed. For more information, please read our Parking Card page.

If I approach a Pay and Display machine and it appears as though it is not working, do I need to pay? 

The Pay and Display machines are solar powered and “sleep” to conserve power, so when you are ready to do a transaction either push one of the buttons or insert your coin or credit card. Any of these actions will “wake” the machine up and you can purchase your ticket. If, the machine is not functioning properly and does not provide a ticket, simply purchase your ticket at the next closest machine.

How do I report defective parking equipment?

Please call 3-1-1 to report any defective Pay & Display equipment.

How far will I need to walk to pay for parking?

Each new Pay and Display machine will replace on average between six to eight parking meters. Depending upon where you park, the farthest you will have to walk will be about 30 metres.

There are no parking lines on the street, how do I know where to park? 

Since you are now paying for time, there is no need for individual parking spots on the street. Simply park your vehicle in the marked Pay and Display area. In these areas, signs will be placed at either end of each block face, noting a “P” with a “$”. With the removal of the old parking lines, more cars will be able to park on the street, making it more convenient for drivers

How do I know when to pay for parking at a Pay and Display machine?  

On each block where there is on-street parking, directional signs will be installed clearly indicating the area where parking is allowed. Simply look for Pay and Display markings. Clear instructions are on each machine. 

Are the new Pay and Display machines accessible to people with disabilities?  

All Pay and Display machines must comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act requirements.

How can I be sure that I will not receive a parking ticket while I’m away from my car paying at a Pay and Display machine?  

You don’t need to worry about being down the street purchasing parking when the enforcement officer comes around. Officers will know to look at the nearest machine to see if anyone is using it.

Where do I display the receipt on my scooter or motorcycle? 

The City offers a complimentary Pay and Display Receipt Holder for motorcycles and scooters that are available at all Client Service Centres and at City Hall. By using this holder, you reduce the chance of someone taking your receipt. These holders are also available at various motorcycle and scooter stores. A list of these locations, along with additional information is available in the Parking section.

What is the City doing to address shortages of bike parking resulting from the removal of parking meters? 

City staff is working closely with community partners to find appropriate locations to install additional parking racks prior to removing the existing parking meter posts.

Are there any discounted rates for motorcycles or scooters? 

As part of the Municipal Parking Management Strategy, the City now provides parking in the ByWard Market Municipal Lot 4 (70 Clarence) for 12 motorcycles and scooters at half of the regular rate. Half-price parking is also available at City Hall. This convenient, half-priced parking is intended to encourage use of smaller and more fuel-efficient forms of transportation. All on-street Pay and Display machines will now enable half-price parking on-street as well.

If you have a problem using a Pay and Display machine, call 3-1-1 and a City of Ottawa representative will help you.

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