Snow removal and disposal

Snow removal may be scheduled for your street. Please watch for temporary on-street "no parking" snow removal signs.  Every effort is made to distribute snow on both sides of the road and on-street snow storage space is used to the maximum, including boulevards and cul-de-sac circles.

Snow banks are removed or reduced in size when they begin to restrict sightlines, travel widths, and pedestrian and cycling traffic; to relieve trapped water on the road or sidewalk; and to create storage space for future snowfalls. Banks that restrict sightlines at intersections and at pedestrian, school and railway crossings are removed within 24 hours after crews are made aware of the situation. If the number of locations exceeds available resources, they will be addressed on a priority basis. When dealing with snow banks, crews push back, blow or place the snow within boulevards, which are part of the city's road allowance. This is the most economical method, while snow removal and haulage is costly and time-consuming.

Residents are not to place snow onto the road. A by-law is in place to discourage people from doing so. Please call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401) and By-law Services will be advised.

To learn more about snow plowing you can watch this video.

The City’s snow disposal facilities no longer accept non-city snow from private operators. They do, however, accept snow from contractors hauling snow from public property on behalf of the City.

Haulers must dispose of snow according to the Use and Care of Roads By-Law No. 2003-498 and Parks and Facilities By-Law No. 2004-276, which prohibit the dumping of snow or ice on highways or in parks.

What to expect during a winter storm

what to expect during a winter storm