What to expect during a storm

What to expect during a storm [ PDF - 137.07 KB ]

Ottawa's resources are deployed systematically.

Minimum depth
of snow
for deployment
of resources
Locations Time to clear snow
accumulation from
the end of snow
accumulation or
Time to treat
icy conditions
As accumulation begins Hwy 174, Transitway, most arterials and most major collector roads 2-4 hours
2.5 cm Most sidewalks in downtown core 4 hours
5 cm Most minor collector roads 6 hours
5 cm Most primary sidewalks 12 hours
5 cm Most residential sidewalks 16 hours
7 cm Most residential roads 10 hours
10 cm Most lanes 16 hours
Clean up

Most intersections and pedestrian crossings

16 hours

Most Bus stops

24 hours