Ottawa Nav

Ottawa Nav is an official City of Ottawa mobile application currently available for free in English and French on iPhone and Android devices. The application is the first of its kind, delivering accurate and up-to-the-minute, customized traveler information when you need it the most.

Ottawa Nav provides real-time traveler information to all types of commuters…whether you are driving, cycling or walking. If there is a road closure or any type of disruption to your route, you will know about it —helping you make smart decisions while you are traveling throughout the city.

Ottawa Nav has a growing list of features that meet the needs of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. In Driver Mode, the system provides audible instructions to avoid any driving distractions. When in Passenger Mode, the user can interact with the system to access a variety of traveler information services. In this mode, you can view real-time traffic incident information, look at live traffic camera feeds and view school and construction zones. The app also gives you access to information on OC Transpo, Bixi Bikes, OttawaRideMatch and also Pay-by-Cell.   

The app is a free and convenient traffic information hub for the city, in which you can have access to all Ottawa commuting related information.  Download the app and use this information to help make your commute more efficient! 

View the one-minute video on Ottawa Nav

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Ottawa Nav was developed and is hosted by Flybits Inc. a spin-off company of Ryerson University.