On October 12, 2003, the Ottawa International Airport opened its new Passenger Terminal building to the public. The airport has a 350,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art structure consisting of three levels with 3rd level check-in, 2nd level security and departures and 1st level arrivals. The airport includes a U.S. pre-clearance area, opening the region to direct travel to the U.S. and removing the need for connections through Montreal and Toronto. 

The Ottawa International Airport is important for the economy critical for the region’s growth. 

Other area airports

In addition to the Ottawa International Airport, Ottawa boasts two smaller airports that can easily handle private aircraft for both passengers and freight. 

Carp Airport – in the northwest corner of the city, handling small commercial and private aircraft. For more information call 613-839-5276 or send an email to

Gatineau Airport – just across the river in the City of Gatineau, handling small commercial and executive private aircraft. For more information call 819-663-0737. 

Ottawa-Rockliffe Airport – located in the northeast section of city on the Aviation Parkway, off the Rockcliffe Parkway. It also co-located with the National Aviation Museum and the Rockcliffe