Water conservation

The City of Ottawa has adopted a Water Efficiency Strategy to ensure the wise use of water.

Being WaterWise benefits the environment and the community by allowing the City to defer costly expansions to water treatment and distribution facilities, and preventing waste of our most precious natural resource - water.

WaterWise - the Three R's

Practice the three Rs and reduce your impact on natural resources, treatment and delivery systems, and save money.

Top three thrifty tips:
 1. Check and change washers
 2. Change aerators
 3. Change showerhead
  • Reduce - be aware of your water use, and consider ways to use less.
  • Repair - locate and repair leaks to save water, money, and to prevent potentially costly property damage.
  • Retrofit - install water saving devices on existing fixtures and select water efficient devices when replacing older, water-guzzling fixtures and appliances.

How can I reduce household water use?

Take this short survey to see how much water and money you can save.

Pick up your free Residential Indoor Water Efficiency Kit at any Client Service Centre. Kits contain a low flow showerhead and other valuable tools to reduce your water use. Get yours today and start saving water and money.

What else could be making my water bill high?

There could be a leak.

To check to see if your home has a water leak you can either read your meter before retiring for the evening and read it again in the morning to see if the reading changed or turn off all fixtures and appliances that use water and check the leak detector indicator - the red triangle on your water meter for movement. There is a leak if it continues to move even though all water fixtures and appliances are turned off.

There's a leak somewhere, now what do I do?

The most likely place for a leak is the toilet. To check for leaks in your toilet, add a few drops of food colouring or a cold cup of black coffee to the water in the tank. Wait a few minutes. If, without flushing the toilet, the colour appears in the bowl your toilet has a leak that should be repaired immediately.

Other places for leaks - faucets and showerheads.

To check for leaks, make sure the sink or tub is dry, insert the plug into the drain, wait, check the sink or tub from time to time. You have a leak if water starts to pool in the sink or tub.

Don't forget to check all bathrooms, the kitchen and outside taps.

For more ways to save water and money follow these links :

Why Conserve?

The Ottawa River, water source for both the Britannia and Lemieux Water Purification Plants, is the greatest tributary of the St. Lawrence River and the second longest Canadian river flowing 1,271 kilometres. However, the process of turning water into safe drinking water costs money due to the sophisticated processes, infrastructure, facilities, and chemical and electrical costs required to deliver this valuable product to homes all over the City of Ottawa.

That's why people should use water more carefully in and around the home. Being WaterWise benefits the environment, and allows us to defer expanding our water facilities - saving residents added expense.