Paint It Up

Paint It Up! map of mural locations and pictures Paint It Up! was launched on March 1, 2010 as an enhancement to the City’s Graffiti Management Strategy and as a component of the Mural Program. This youth engagement mural program promotes the use of outdoor murals as a graffiti vandalism deterrent, while simultaneously supporting local arts and culture, enhancing the City’s beauty for residents and visitors, and engaging youth at risk in positive skill-building experiences.

This program is administered by Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) and funded by the City of Ottawa. Up to $50,000 in annual funding is available through CPO for local organizations wanting to hire youth to create murals in neighbourhoods experiencing a high rate of graffiti vandalism.

Outdoor murals can be an effective means of managing graffiti vandalism since, in most cases graffiti vandals demonstrate their respect for art by not tagging it. Since the program started in 2010, it has involved over 1200 youth, ranging in age from 12 to 22 years, working on 50 projects across the city supported by an average project grant of $5,000.

The City’s role as a program partner is to assist applicants with the implementation of the mural, co-ordinate By-law approvals and help create partnerships. Crime Prevention Ottawa works with community service agencies on their applications, manages the application and allocation process, hosts Paint It Up! Information sessions, helps create partnerships and manages the funding contracts. 

For more information on the Paint It UP! Application Forms and Guidelines as well as the deadline for applications for this year please visit Crime Prevention website or call 613 580-2424, ext 22454.