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Great Lawn

Great Lawn
450 Queen Elizabeth Driveway
Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3

With a capacity of up to 14,000 people, the Great lawn will be a great space for festivals, family picnics, or a game of ultimate. The park is available for large scale rentals.

14 000
  • Outdoor space
Rental Fees

Description of fee

Total cost (HST Included)
Commercial* Full Day $2,873.60
Commercial* Half Day $1,436.80
Not for Profit* Full Day $1,498.20
Not for Profit* Half Day $749.10

*See definitions for Commercial, Private and Not for Profit below.

The activity category determines the fee to be applied to the rental and is based upon what the group is doing in the facility.

Not For Profit: An activity that fits with the Parks and Recreation Branch mandate and is not intended to generate a profit. This activity must be open to everyone.

Private Activity: A not for profit activity that does not fit with the Parks and Recreation mandate and/or is intended for select members of the community.

Commercial: An activity that has the intent of generating a profit. This activity may involve the sale of goods or services or may require a registration fee prior to participation