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Award of Merit: Visions and Master Plans

Award of Merit: Visions and Master Plans

Award of Merit: Visions and Master Plans
Greystone Village - The Oblate Lands Redevelopment

 Image of Greystone Village Master Plan

Over time, the subject site has become a community landmark and recreation space for residents of the neighbouring communities. However, the Oblate Lands in combination with inward-focused institutional neighbours to the north and south, have inhibited Old Ottawa East in reaching its full community potential. While Old Ottawa East is served by a traditional street grid, a strong central avenue and two beautiful flanking waterways, the concentration of institutional use has created a gap in the urban fabric. The development of the Greystone Village master plan has provided a unique opportunity to fill this gap and preserve the cherished values of the site while building community. Perhaps most importantly, it has been done through a collaborative process involving the City, the Developer, Sustainable Living Ottawa East and the Old Ottawa East Community Association.

The historic interventions and patterns of use established by both the Oblate Fathers and the Community have shaped the site and given it meaning. The preservation and repurposing of these elements become the central organizing principles to the whole master plan.

Project Team

  • Gordon Lorimer, Barry J. Hobin, William Ritcey, Rheal Labelle, Steve Clifford, Todd Duckworth, Benoit Maranda, Kent Bugatsch; Hobin Architecture Incorporated
  • Murray Chown, John Riddell; Novatech
  • The Regional Group/eQ Homes; Project Owner / Developer

Jury Comments

The plan knits into the fabric of the established neighbourhood and is respectful, keeping the grand alley, forecourt and Deschâtelets building. It understands the sensitivity of the area and recognizes the river’s edge. The Deschâtelets building dictates and influences the surrounding buildings, although it is somewhat crowded by the new development. The project creates a new vibrant community that recognizes the heritage of the area.


Award if Merit: Visions and Master Plans
Central Parkway

 Image of Central Parkway

The urban freeway concept is outmoded and fails every rush hour. The Queensway is a blight. It compromises our natural and historic heritage, wastes land, divides and degrades neighbourhoods and reduces property values. What if the Queensway was developed differently? The answer to this question can be seen as an elegy for what might have been, or an illustration of what might be.

The Central Parkway design is to: remove the Queensway from the traditional core of the city; transform the land; build a new Central Parkway; and, enable development and intensification. The Plan describes an opportunity to make Ottawa the most livable city in the world by enabling a sustainable future, supporting tourism, creating open space for urban schools, encouraging redevelopment…and, essentially changing life in Ottawa.

Project Team

  • GRC Architects Inc.; Project Owner / Developer

Jury Comments

An interesting work of speculation for transforming Ottawa while continuing to be part of the area.


Award of Merit: Visions and Master Plans
Canada Science and Technology Museum – Parks Master Plan


 Image of Canada Science and Technology Museum – Parks Master Plan

The Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) is situated at the intersection of three neighbourhoods: East Industrial, Elmvale-Eastway-Riverview-Parkview and Hawthorne Meadows-Sheffield Green. The redevelopment of the museum is underway and anchors the eastern edge of the park. The renewal will allow the museum to better showcase its world-class collection, while integrating interactivity throughout. The park master plan is an opportunity to create an experiential sequence for residents and museum-goers as they traverse, rest, chat and play in the open space.

The Museum Park is unique community space infused with science and technology. It embraces the ideas of forward-looking events by engaging and delighting visitors and the community, immersing them in science and technology experiences, while making no demands on learning. The park allows visitors to play while at the same time inviting them to approach and enter the museum. It’s not that the park is missing an opportunity to teach. It is creating that opportunity by acting as a conduit, a visual, playful and physical overture to the museum itself. Importantly, it is much more than science and technology: the space is community-friendly, beautiful to look at, and an attraction in the nation’s capital. The Museum Park is not limited to science and technology; it is emotionally stimulating, active not passive, fun not dutiful. Yes, engage; but delight first. The park integrates Art in to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - STEAM not STEM

Project Team

  • O2 Planning + Design
  • VLAN Paysages
  • Earthscape
  • Beakerhead
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum (Project Owner)

Jury Comments

The project offers active and interactive programming for institutional spaces, with a focus on physical fitness and engagement; a living experiment for people to actively participate.