Class and activity registration

To register for a recreational class or activity, you'll need:

  1. A client barcode and family PIN numbers

    1. Get a Client Barcode and Family PIN by:
      1. Create your family account online
      2. Visiting a recreation facility or Client Service Centre
      3. Call 3-1-1
    2. Forgot your Barcode or Family PIN?
      1. Account information can be emailed to you, if you have previously provided your email address. Use the PIN and Barcode lookup tool to retrieve the information.
      2. Visit a recreation facility or Client Service Centre.
      3. Call 3-1-1
  2. Your Course Code number

    1. Don't know the course code number? Browse the recreation guide.
  3. Your Visa or MasterCard information to pay for the program

    1. No credit card? No problem. Visit any recreation or culture facility prior to the registration start date to put a credit on your account.