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Beyond 2036: Identifying the challenges of unknown futures

Project Status: 

Beyond 2036: Identifying the challenges of Unknown Futures

Do you ever wonder what this City will be when 2- 3 million people call Ottawa home?

Can you imagine how everyone will get around, where they will live or work and how climate and new technologies may change the way we do things?

In December 2016 City Council directed that a planning study be undertaken that will begin to look at what the answers to these questions might be and how to position the City so that it can prosper from what we know will happen in the future but also create a city that is adaptable and responsive to changes that are less certain or even unknown.

Project overview

The Beyond 2036 planning study will undertake by a core team from the City’s Economic Development and Long Range Planning department together with two internationally recognised Planning Consultants, Dan Leeming and Joe Berridge. A Sounding Board selected from a broad spectrum of business, community, government and agency experts will assist in reviewing emerging socio-economic trends, advancing technology and changing environmental conditions. Several scenarios will be developed to envision an Ottawa of the future.

The results of these discussions will be compiled for public comment and the core team will report to Council on the results and identify priorities and opportunities that the City should consider as we plan for the future.


This review will be informed by and update the best practices and work already completed, principally the strategic planning document entitled Sustainability and Resilience Plan received by Council in February 2012. This plan was developed jointly between the Cities of Ottawa and Gatineau and the National Capital Commission (NCC) as part of an initiative known as Choosing Our Future. The Sustainability and Resilience Plan was intended to serve as an overarching strategy that would inform various plans and initiatives by the three partners, for example OP reviews and The Plan for Canada’s Capital (NCC).


The study was launched in October 2017 and will be completed in July 2018.  Recommendations to inform the work program for the City’s next Official Plan will be brought forward for consideration to Planning Committee and Council by end of June 2018

Contact us

For more information or questions about the planning study schedule, activities or impacts email the project team at:  

George Claydon, Project Manager
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development
110 Laurier Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2P 1J1
Tel: 613-580-2424 ext 21553