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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable processes all trade payments and disbursements for City departments. This information is important for suppliers of goods and services as well those receiving grants or refunds from the City. 

Accounts Payable Service Desk

The Accounts Payable Service Desk can be contacted by phone or email.

What information to include on your invoice

Please ensure that all invoices have the following information:

  • Full name and phone number of the person ordering or picking up the goods/services
  • Vendor name and mailing address
  • Purchase order number when one has been provided by the City
  • Payment terms
  • HST/GST registration number must be shown if tax is charged
  • Vendor number where available
  • Invoice date
  • Unique Invoice number
  • Description of the good or service purchased
  • Unit cost, subtotal, taxes and amount due

How to submit your invoice

Ariba Enabled Vendors

Vendors who have been enabled in the Ariba System must submit invoices through the Ariba network.  For more information, please visit the SAP Ariba page

Non-Enabled Vendors

Invoices should be submitted via email to Accounts Payable at the appropriate email address based on the terms of the invoice.

Invoices with regular payment terms (net 30) should be emailed to (link sends e-mail)

Other payment terms should be emailed to the address provided by the City. Contact the AP Service Desk if you are unsure of the correct email address for your invoice.

Invoices must be emailed is in the following document formats:

  • PDF (PDF v1.7 or lower, Black and White, minimum 300 DPI resolution)
  • One invoice per PDF

Although the City of Ottawa issues payments on behalf of the Ottawa Police Service, and various Business Improvement Areas (BIAs), they are separate entities; therefore, invoices should continue to be directed to and follow the invoice submission procedures of those entities.

Invoices with confidential information

Invoices with confidential or personal information should be treated in a sensitive manner. Please discuss invoice submission requirements with respective City staff.

Payment terms

The City’s standard term of payment is Net 30 days from the date the invoice is received and accepted, or the goods and/or services are accepted, whichever date is later. Early payment (prompt payment) discounts may be offered.

Where early payment terms are negotiated on a contract, the following conditions are required:

  • The discount must be included in the contract and shown on the vendor’s invoice.
  • The invoice must be submitted electronically to the email address provided on the purchase order.
  • The invoice should be received by the City within one business day of the invoice date
  • The vendor must accept payment by EFT

To offer or update prompt payment discount terms:

  • Complete the Vendor Early Payment Discount form
  • Ensure the form is signed by an authorized company officer, preferably by two officers.
  • Scan and email the completed from to or alternately Mail it to City of Ottawa, Accounts Payable, PO Box 3426 Stn D, Ottawa, ON K1P OB9

Preferred payment methods

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct Deposit) is our designated method of payment in lieu cheques.
  • Purchasing Cards are the designated method for low dollar and recurring transactions 

How to register for direct deposit payment or change banking information

Direct deposit is a fast and secure method of receiving payment for goods and services. An e-mail showing the items being paid by direct deposit is sent the day before the deposit to the bank. To begin receiving payment by direct deposit or to update banking information:

  • Complete Accounts Payable’s Request for Vendor Payment by Direct Deposit (EFT) - Please note that applications forms cannot be completed in your web browser. Download the form and save it on your computer. You will then be able to fill out the form, save and print as required.
  • Ensure the form is signed by an authorized company officer, preferably by two officers.
  • Banking information must be supported by 
    1) a Physical Original Voided cheque with the vendor's name on it; OR 2) A physical original encoded deposit slip with the vendor's name on it; OR 3) a physical original letter form the vendor's bank verifying the vendor's banking information. OR  4) A physical original direct deposit form from the vendor's bank which is stamped by the vendor's bank to verify its authenticity.  No photocopies will be accepted. 
  • The completed form along with the banking information noted above must be mailed to the following address: City of Ottawa, Accounts Payable, PO Box 3426 Stn D, Ottawa, ON K1P 0B9

Inquiring about an invoice that is past due

You may contact the Accounts Payable Service Desk to inquire about the status of an invoice that is past due.

Inquiring about a cheque or direct deposit you have received

Accounts Payable attempts to ensure that sufficient information is shown on the cheque stub to explain the purpose of a payment and facilitate payment application by suppliers. If necessary, you may contact the Accounts Payable Service Desk to inquire about the purpose of a cheque or direct deposit.

How to change your address or phone number

Send a letter using your corporate letterhead addressed and signed by an authorized company officer to:

City of Ottawa
Accounts Payable
PO Box 3426 Stn D
Ottawa, ON K1P OB9

Purchasing and Corporate Card Program

The City has an active and expanding purchasing and corporate card (credit card) program. Visa cards are issued to employees who are authorized to make purchases on behalf of the City. Use of these cards for under 15k non-inventory items is encouraged because it provides prompt payment to suppliers and eliminates administrative costs associated with managing invoices.
Receipts for purchases made with a City issued purchasing or corporate card should be provided to the cardholder at the time of sale. [DO NOT send these receipts to Accounts Payable].

Information on providing supplies and services

For more information on how to become a vendor or to view bid documents, visit City of Ottawa - Purchasing