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Ottawa Music Strategy

Ottawa Music Strategy

Cities across Canada and around the world are making strategic investments in becoming Music Cities. Defined as communities that have a vibrant music economy, which they actively promote, Music Cities deliver significant economic and employment benefits including job creation, economic growth, tourism development, and city brand building.

The three-year Ottawa Music Strategy (2018-2020) [ PDF 2.6 MB ] aims to support the growth of Ottawa’s emerging music industry and establish Ottawa as a global music city.

Recommendations within the Strategy focus on creating an environment that is broadly ‘music friendly’ - an environment where music businesses of all sizes and types, from live music venues to studios to manufacturers, can flourish. This focus aligns with the City’s repositioned economic development priorities, which include building the creative and cultural industries.

Questions? Please contact:

Jamie Hurst, Officer
Economic Development
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development
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