Smart City 2.0 – Ottawa’s Smart City Strategy

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Smart city 2.0—Ottawa’s Smart City Strategy

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Being a smart city is important to Ottawa!

Last year, City Council approved its Smart City Strategy, Smart City 2.0, paving the way for Ottawa to become an even more connected, innovative, and prosperous city than it is today. Watch our video and learn more.

Recently, the federal government kicked-off its Smart Cities Challenge and invited Canadian cities to compete for a top prize of $50 million to support to community challenges with a smart city approach—to achieve meaningful outcomes for residents with data and connected technology. The Government is prioritizing applications that harness community input and feedback to help identify key challenges and potential solutions.

In March, we received more than 877 responses to a survey gathering ideas and feedback from residents on how Ottawa could become just that – a smart city. We thank everyone who responded. Results will be available in April.

There is more to come! We will post Smart Cities Challenge updates and other Smart City news here.  Stay tuned!


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Economic Development
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Descriptive Video Text

  1. How can we use smart solutions to make Ottawa even better? We need your best, most innovative ideas for the Smart Cities Challenge. What’s your smart idea?
  2. The Canadian Government has launched the Smart Cities Challenge; a competition open to municipalities and indigenous communities across Canada. Smart Cities Challenge
  3.  To be eligible for the 50 million dollar prize, cities must define their future with the help of residents, since people are key to making cities smarter. We need your help
  4. The goal of the Challenge is to leverage data and connected technology to develop a project with meaningful outcomes for those that live, work and play in Ottawa! Solve challenges and improve communities
  5.  In addition to strong public participation, building a smart city requires collaboration and creativity from a diverse community of actors from across sectors and organizations. Building the future together
  6. So how does data and connected technology come together to make a city smarter? What makes a city smart
  7. One way is through the use of sensors to generate data. Sensors generate data
  8. Software allows massive amounts of data to be analyzed, revealing patterns that help to improve existing services or develop new ones. Computers make sense of the data
  9. While smart city projects may differ, they share qualities, like being open and accessible and empowering communities. Smart city solutions have common objectives
  10. Data and connected technology can improve our lives through measures that target real world challenges. They address real world challenges  
  11. For example, applying a smart city solution to address traffic can result in reduced travel times. A solution to reduce travel times
  12. Another solution might lead to improvements in the way a city delivers services. Or improve service delivery
  13. They can result in more than one positive outcome; a smart city solution to detect flooding can protect people and the environment but is also good for the economy. Solutions can achieve more than one positive outcome
  14. Did you know that the City of Ottawa has a smart city strategy that focuses on connectivity, the smart economy and innovative government? Ottawa’s Smart City- Strategy City 2.0
  15. We have learned that digital connectivity is the backbone of a smart city. Smart cities require digital connectivity
  16. The full benefits of data and connected technology cannot be realized where connectivity is a challenge, for example in some rural parts of the city. Connectivity challenges exist
  17. Some may be surprised to learn that over 80% of Ottawa is rural, presenting unique challenges and opportunities with respect to adopting smart city solutions. Unique challenges and opportunities
  18. Now that you know more about the smart city challenge and the power of data and connected technology we want to hear from you! Your input matters
  19. Take a few minutes to complete an online survey, which will help to inform Ottawa’s future! Complete the online survey
  20. Be bold and imaginative, we want you to think big! Use your imagination
  21. Let us know about a specific challenge or opportunity in Ottawa. Tell us about a challenge or opportunity
  22. Tell us about your desired outcomes. You do not need to provide a technology solution; we will leave that to the experts. What does the future look like
  23. Part two of the survey is optional, but we hope you consider filling it out, so that we can ensure respondents are diverse, just like our City! Dem·o·graph·ics