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Corporate Partnerships - Ottawa 2017

Exclusive Business Opportunity - Sponsorship of Ottawa 2017

2017 Ottawa, celebrating 150 years

In 2017, Canada will celebrate its 150th anniversary.  As the Capital of Canada, the City of Ottawa will be the epicentre for celebrations in 2017 and we’re gearing up for a fantastic year!

To realize our vision for an innovative and electric celebration, the City of Ottawa has formed the Ottawa 2017 Bureau. This highly experienced and specialized team will deliver a rich portfolio of activities, attractions and blockbuster events over a 12-month period beginning on New Year’s Eve 2016. 

The Ottawa 2017 value proposition is to:

  • Experience Ottawa like never before;
  • Celebrate Canada’s 150th like nowhere else; and
  • Create a celebration with lasting benefits.

Canadians surveyed expressed a high level of interest in celebrating in Ottawa, resulting in a substantial economic benefits being forecasted for the region.

The Ottawa 2017 effect

Ottawa 2017 is set to galvanize national pride from Canadians of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life, boosting tourism and generating a massive economic impact in the process.

  • 8 out of 10 Canadians agree that Canada’s Capital should take the lead in celebrating the 150th anniversary of Canada.
  • 81% of Canadians felt it was somewhat to very important to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada.
  • 73% of Canadians are favourable to major national events celebrating 150th anniversary of Canada.
  • 1.5 million residents
  • 7-8 million average yearly tourists to Ottawa
  • 1.75 million additional tourists to Ottawa in 2017
  • 11.25 million total forecasted attendees

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Planned events and programs for the celebration are large-scale and one-of-a-kind, productions of international caliber which have never been seen in Ottawa!   All eyes will be on the City of Ottawa as we unveil month after month of prestigious and unique events and programs to the delight of our residents and visitors.

Our 12-month line-up has the potential to reach all of Canada and beyond via a large-scale national and international broadcast and advertising programs. Elements of our program launched in the Capital will then move out across Canada through an extensive outreach program, so that millions of Canadians will get a first-hand experience.  

Join us!

The City of Ottawa is offering an exclusive number of sponsorship opportunities for local, national and international companies to support Ottawa 2017 by providing a cash or in-kind sponsorship, or combination of both. 

At the lead partner level, we are looking to secure three to four companies that would be tied to all events and programs starting in 2015, leading up to the full year celebrations in 2017, and continuing into early 2018.  In recognition of your investment, unique benefits and rights will be exclusive to your company, and a customized benefits package will be developed to meet your needs and ensure value for your investment.

At the program or event specific level (excluding blockbuster events), we are looking to secure one or two companies as partners, based on the needs of each specific program or event. Benefits will be tied to the specific program or event supported, and benefits will start in the lead up to 2017 and continue into early 2018.

Interested organizations are invited to contact us by April 15, 2015 to initiate a discussion on sponsorship possibilities with Ottawa 2017.  Please email or call - Kim Haliburton, Senior Manager, Sponsorship & Commercialization at, or 613-580-2424 ext. 14363.