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Ben Franklin Park Superdome

About the facility

The facility is located at the Hornet’s Nest at 1662 Bearbrook Road in the city’s east end, and includes:

  • A 24-metre-high, state-of-the-art dome that surrounds 80,000 sq ft of climate-controlled environment
  • Canada’s largest indoor golf driving range, with over 20 tees
  • Access to golf pros
  • FIFA-approved full soccer field, containing three mini fields
  • Replacement of natural turf with Canada’s only NFL-level 51-ounce Omnigrass turf, which is specially designed to reduce player injury and has low slide resistance
  • Opaque insulated dome, which provides cooler temperatures in summer and better heat retention in winter
  • Seasonal tunnel to the existing field house during the winter months
  • Expansion of the field house to improve change rooms
  • Enhanced lighting inside the dome as well as in the parking lot
  • Handicap access
  • Computer-controlled energy and inflation system with special sensors designed to reduce energy consumption and optimize the dome according to weather changes
  • Easy access off the Queensway’s Montreal Road exit
  • Ample free parking

Other features, such as a raised foundation sill and upgraded Tedlar-coated dome fabric help ensure that Superdome will be maintained at peak condition over the years.

Committee and council reports

Along the path towards completion of new city facilities under Public-Private Partnerships, there are a number of reports presented to various Committees and Council, which form the basis for decisions about location, scope, budgets, timelines and other issues related to the facility. You can review the reports related to Superdome, as follows:

26 June 2002
Public-Private Partnerships

23 October 2002
Public-Private Partnership (P3) Projects for Earliest Implementation

20 March 2003
Public-Private Partnership (P3) for New Indoor Sportsfield Domes

19 August 2003
Public-Private Partnership (P3) Project – Domed/Indoor Playing Facilities

16 September 2003
Public-Private Partnership – Domed/Indoor Playing Facility


What is Superdome?

Superdome is an air-inflated sports facility serving east-end Ottawa residents.

What is special about Superdome?

Superdome is the most technically advanced air-inflated sports dome in North America. It has many advanced features, such as sensor-based climate and inflation control, 51-ounce rubber Omnigrass to reduce player injury, Tedlar-coated exterior fabric to increase life of the dome as well as reduce discolouring, enhanced interior lighting, leading-edge insulation to help optimize field conditions in all four seasons, and more.

How big is Superdome?

Superdome measures 330 x 214 ft and has a 65 ft high ceiling.

How big are the fields at Superdome?

Superdome’s FIFA-approved field measures 330 x 214 ft, and can be configured into three mini-fields measuring 93 x 214 ft each.

Where is Superdome located?

Superdome is located at 1662 Bearbrook Road in Ottawa. View a map to Superdome.

What types of activities does Superdome support?

Superdome supports a wide range of field sports, including soccer, football, rugby, Ultimate, cricket, and more. The facility holds a number of summer camps for kids, including golf camps, and runs a 20-tee golf driving range during winter months. The services of golf pros are available for individuals or groups, and the facility can be used for any activity that needs a flat, weatherproof and climate-controlled year-round space, such as flying electric airplanes or other group activities.

When is the driving range open?

Superdome’s driving range is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm from December 1 to April 15 each year.

How do I contact Superdome?

Contact Katharine Usher-Vollett at 613-590-1660 or visit their website at .

How the partnership works

The Superdome facility was completed under an innovative Public-Private Partnership (P3) between the City of Ottawa and TMSI Sports Management. The terms of the partnership are:

  • The City and TMSI have a 25-year P3 agreement, including a 5-year renewal option.
  • The facility will transfer to the City for a nominal fee at the end of the agreement’s term.
  • TMSI has been responsible for the design and construction of the project, with City approval.
  • TMSI operates, manages and maintains the facility, and is responsible for the development, marketing and delivery of programs.
  • The City is responsible for winter maintenance of the parking lot and fire lane.
  • TMSI and the City have entered into a Municipal Capital Facilities Agreement to provide the facility with relief from property taxes, development charges and permit fees.
  • TMSI sets hourly rates for the use of the facility.
  • Agreement has been reached between TMSI and the Gloucester Soccer Association for the use of field, field house and canteen services.
  • Users purchase time directly from TMSI.

Financial framework

  • TMSI is investing $2.4 million in the purchase and construction of the dome, and future expansion of facilities.
  • City prepared the site for the facility by providing the capital for the artificial turf, upgrading the power supply, improving the parking area and extending municipal services including water and sanitary – at a cost of $1.1 million.
  • During the term of the lease agreement, TMSI will repay the City’s capital investment cost through an annual rent paid to the City.
  • During the same period, the City will pay the replacement cost for the artificial turf at the end of its lifecycle (in about year 12).

West Carleton Community Complex

In 2005, Ottawa City Council approved a Public-Private Partnership (P3) for the phased design, construction, operation and maintenance of a single-pad arena, outdoor sports field and paramedic post in West Carleton. In addition, this project also called upon the private partner to provide operation and maintenance services to the existing Client Service Centre. The new facility was completed in the summer of 2007.

Renamed the West Carleton Community Complex, this project resulted in a municipal facility which features an indoor rink, an outdoor soccer/sports field, a paramedic post and the West Carleton Client Service Centre. This Complex is also home to a day care centre, a toy lending library and offers a broad range of municipal services to the rural community.

Benefits of the West Carleton Community Complex to residents

  • Creates a community hub with a recreational focus
  • Provides residents with convenient access to much-needed additional ice surfaces and ice time
  • West-end rural residents gain improved access to programs and services
  • Expands the facilities in keeping with the rural location and architecturally consistent with the existing Client Service Centre building
  • Generates revenue from the arena and surplus spaces in the existing Client Service Centre
  • Paramedics will be located closer to rural residents, reducing response times in cases of emergency
  • Provides additional daycare spaces to west-end rural residents
  • Taxpayers benefit from long-term savings to the City as a result of the P3 approach.

Where is the West Carleton Community Complex?

The West Carleton Community Complex is located at 5670 Carp Road in the west end of Ottawa. View a map to the West Carleton Community Complex.


City Council approved staff’s recommendation for a new ice arena to be located at the West Carleton Client Service Centre site in December 2004. The search for a private-sector partner was launched in March 2005 with the addition of a paramedic post to the facility requirements. The procurement of the private-sector partner was completed in March 2006 as Committee and Council approved Capital Sports Management Inc. along with Morley Hoppner as the selected partners. Negotiations concluded and all required agreements were finalized and executed on July 19, 2006. The West Carleton Community Complex was opened to the public in the summer of 2007. A Grand Opening was held on September 15th, 2007.

Project Partners

The construction and operations and management of the West Carleton Community Complex was undertaken as a Public-Private Partnership between the City of Ottawa and private-sector partners who were selected through a competitive bidding process. This partnership saw the Morley Hoppner Group undertake the construction and Capital Sports Management Incorporated operating the facility.

About Capital Sports Management Inc.

Capital Sports Management Inc. (CSMI) is part of the Capital Sports Group of Companies that owns and operates the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club and ScotiaBank Place. It advises developers, municipalities, private owners and managers on the design, development, construction, and management of recreational and entertainment facilities. CSMI also operates the Bell Sensplex, which is another P3 community project.

About the Morley Hoppner Group

The Morley Hoppner Group is a growing and dynamic Ottawa-based company that offers development and construction services in the industrial and commercial sectors of the construction industry. The company has previously partnered with the City and CSMI on the construction of the Bell Sensplex.

Contact the West Carleton Community Complex

The West Carleton Community Complex includes the existing West Carleton Client Service Centre at 5670 Carp Road. Visit the Cavanagh Sensplex online contacts page for the latest contact info.


Superdome is the most technically advanced sports dome in North America, providing residents and organized sports teams with year-round access to much-needed facilities in the east end. Originally called “Thunderdome”, the $3.5 million Superdome is a state-of-the-art, air-supported sports dome that provides a FIFA-approved international soccer field that can be reconfigured into three mini-fields for seven-on-seven play and practices. The field is also suitable for a wide range of sports including soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, Ultimate, cricket, and more. Parents, kids, coaches and players appreciate the climate-controlled, mosquito-free playing environment.

During winter months, Superdome’s indoor driving range offers more than 20 stations for people who are looking to improve their swing. The facility’s golf pros also offer structured golf lessons for individuals and groups.

Benefits of Superdome to residents

  • Addition of much-needed indoor space for soccer, golf, Ultimate and other recreational and sporting activities during the winter months
  • Increased recreational programming and services respond to the significant growth in demand in the east district of the city, without incurring debt
  • Home to the Gloucester Soccer Association
  • TMSI, the facility’s private-sector partner, will provide use of the facility to community groups throughout the year at a market rate.

Where is Superdome?

Superdome is located at the Hornet’s nest off Bearbrook Road near Blackburn Hamlet in the east end of Ottawa. View a map to Superdome.


The process leading up to the completion of Superdome began in 2002 when staff at the City of Ottawa defined a need for a year-round field sports facility in the east end. City Council approved staff’s recommendation for a new facility in April 2003, and the search for a private-sector partner was launched. In September 2003, TMSI was awarded the contract to build the facility, and construction was launched in July 2004. Superdome was completed in only four months by October 2004, when an opening ceremony was held inside the new dome, and fields became available for use.

Project Partners

Superdome was created as a result of a Public-Private Partnership between the City of Ottawa and Thunderbird Management Services Inc. (TMSI). TMSI was selected as a result of a competitive bidding process for the project.

About TMSI

Thunderbird Management Services Inc. (TMSI) is a locally owned and operated company that manages and owns recreational facilities in the Ottawa area. Currently, TMSI manages a number of tennis, golf and soccer facilities and programs, as well as one of the largest summer camp programs in the area. TMSI works in conjunction with the City of Ottawa to implement their golf camp program. Find out how the partnership works, or learn more about TMSI by visiting the TMSI Web site.

Contact Superdome

Superdome is available for use year round. Visit their Web page for the latest contact info.