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Café seating permit

The Café Seating program allows businesses to place limited outdoor seating on the road allowance. The number of tables permitted will be determined by an establishment’s frontage while ensuring the 2- metre clearway. Café seating can be extended in front of a neighbouring property with the appropriate permissions. The limit to café seating has been lifted and until January 1, 2022 alcohol can be served at the café seating as long as all requirements of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario are met.

A Café Seating Permit is an annual permit which is valid from April 1 to March 31.

Issuance of a café seating permit is conditional upon the following requirements

  • Payment of the Café Seating Permit fee
  • Proof of Commercial Liability Insurance ($2 million)

Permit Requirements:

  • Allowing at all times the required minimum unencumbered sidewalk width of 2.0 metres
  • Not obstructing or interfering with public travel, any public service, or maintenance operations
  • Tables and chairs must at all times be against the wall of the building
  • Tables and chairs must be removed by 2 am each night

Approximate cost

  • $68.00 annual processing fee
  • All other fees have been waived

Approximate timeline

  • Approved upon application and receipt of proof of insurance by the City.
  • Typical processing time is 10 business days

Where to apply

Please email the Right-of-Way permit office to obtain an application.

Who to contact

Please send an email to the Right-of-Way Permit Office for any questions regarding café seating permits or questions regarding an existing permit.