Vending on the right of way

For 2022 only, the Vending on the right of way program allows businesses to expand on the road allowance to assist businesses with physical distancing requirements. A retail pop up is a small retail expansion onto the sidewalk immediately in front of the store. A retail patio is a larger expansion into an available on-street parking space in front of the storefront.

Issuance of a vending on the right of way permit is conditional upon the following requirements

  • Payment of the Permit fee
  • Proof of Commercial Liability Insurance

Are you planning to open a restaurant, bakery, café, butcher shop or another type of food establishment? The City of Ottawa has resources to assist business owners who are starting to plan and operate a new food establishment, including the Business Ambassador Service and the online Food Premises Application tool available on My ServiceOttawa.

Permit Requirements:

  • Allowing at all times the required minimum unencumbered sidewalk width of 2.0 metres
  • Not obstructing or interfering with public travel, any public service, or maintenance operations
  • For retail patios:
    • On a street with a speed limit less than 50 km/hr or less
    • If located in an existing on-street parking space subject to time limits, may affect operating hours

Approximate cost

  • $70.00 retail pop up annual processing fee
  • $451 ($70.00 plus a $381 circulation fee) retail patio annual processing fee

Approximate timeline

  • 10 business days

Where to apply

Please email the Right-of-Way permit office to obtain an application.

Please send an email to the Right-of-Way Permit Office