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Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre

Project Status: 

Community Information and Comment Session – December 7, 2017

Presentation at 7 p.m. 

At the Community Information and Comment Session you will have the opportunity to learn more about the development applications for the CRRRC, ask City staff and Taggart Miller Environmental Services questions and provide comments.  

Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. If you require special accommodation, please contact the file lead no later than Friday, December 1.

Dates & Times

Thursday, December 7, 2017,
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Carlsbad Springs Community Centre
6020 Piperville Road
Ottawa, ON

Applicant's proposal

The City of Ottawa has received Official Plan amendment and zoning by-law amendment applications from Taggart Miller Environmental Services to develop a new waste disposal site at 5471, 5575 and 5613 Boundary Road and 5508, 5554, 5570, 5610, and 5800 Frontier Road. This facility will be known as the Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre (CRRRC). 

The purpose of the CRRRC will be to recover and recycle resources and divert them away from landfill disposal. The facility will process solid non-hazardous wastes and soils that are generated by the commercial, industrial, institutional, construction, and demolition sectors. Operations at the facility will include: composting organics, treating contaminated soils, managing surplus soil, collecting landfill gas, pre-treating leachate, and disposing of waste. 

The applicant’s development proposal includes:

  • An administration building
  • Inbound and outbound weight scales
  • Employee parkingSmall load drop-off parking
  • A material recovery facility
  • A construction and demolition material processing facility
  • A maintenance garage
  • An organic pre-processing facility
  • An organics processing facility
  • A secondary digester
  • A flare and power generation
  • A compost processing and storage pad
  • A surplus soil stockpiles area
  • A petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil treatment area
  • A petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil storage building
  • A leachate pre-treatment facility
  • A sludge dewatering pad
  • A leachate treatment equalization pond or tank
  • Treated leachate effluent ponds or tanks
  • Various storm and fire ponds
  • A 10.7 million cubic metre landfill

Details of the Official Plan and zoning by-law amendment applications

The applicant has asked to amend Schedule A – Rural Policy Plan [PDF 1.61 MB] of the Official Plan to add a symbol showing the location of a new Solid Waste Disposal Site

The applicant has also requested to change the zoning of the affected properties on Boundary and Frontier Roads from Rural Countryside (RU) and Rural Heavy Industrial (RH) to Rural Heavy Industrial with a new rural exception. The changes would permit the use of a waste processing and transfer facility on the lands, the construction of an accessory building in the front yard, a minimum of 110 parking spaces, a minimum lot frontage of 30 metres, and a maximum building height of 18 metres.  

You can view all the plans and studies that the City of Ottawa has received as part of the Official Plan and zoning by-law amendment applications on the Development Application Search Tool.

Please refer to Appendices C and D of the Planning Rationale for a detailed description of the proposed amendments.

Application review timeline and process 

  1. Pre-application consultation with City staff: July 4, 2017
  2. Applications submitted: October 17, 2017
  3. 28-day comment period: November 16 to December 14, 2017
  4. Community Information and Comment Session: December 7, 2017
  5. As We Heard It report: December 2017
  6. Issue resolution / staff report preparation: December 2017 to January 2018
  7. Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee and City Council meetings: February/March 2018
  8. 20-day appeal period: March 2018

Learn more about the development application review process

Tell us what you think

You can provide comments on the Official Plan amendment and zoning by-law amendment applications until the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee meeting in February/March 2018. 

To be part of the public engagement process for these applications:

Please email if you would like to be notified of all meeting dates and decisions.

The applications will evolve as City staff work with the applicant on any areas of concern identified in the required technical and public application circulations.

By providing comments on the Official Plan and zoning by-law amendments before they are considered by City Council, you have the right to appeal Council’s decisions. Comments must be submitted in writing to the file lead or in writing or orally to the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee to preserve your appeal rights. 

Other approvals 

On May 31, 2017, the provincial Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change approved the environmental assessment for the CRRRC under the Environmental Assessment Act

Before the development can proceed, the applicant must submit a site plan control application to the City for approval. This application cannot be approved until the Official Plan amendment and zoning by-law amendment applications are approved.  The public will be notified when an application is submitted and will have an opportunity to comment on aspects of the site like the locations of buildings and vehicular accesses, parking layout and landscaping. 

The applicant will also be required to submit applications under the Environmental Protection Act, Drainage Act, Species at Risk Act, and Conservation Authorities Act as part of the site plan control process.

Frequently asked questions

For answers to some frequently asked questions about the proposed activities at the CRRRC and the environmental assessment process, please visit

Who will approve the planning applications? 

City Council will make the final decision on the Official Plan and zoning by-law amendment applications. City staff will make their recommendation to Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee and Council in February 2018.  Should Council approve the proposed amendments, it will pass by-laws and a 20-day appeal period will follow.

Staff have delegated authority to approve the site plan control application unless the ward councillor decides to withdraw this authority.

How will the facility be serviced? 

The facility will be serviced by a private septic system and an extension to the existing trickle feed system. The site plan control application will describe the details of the servicing solution.

What conditions did the Province impose on the CRRRC when it approved the environmental assessment?  

Please visit the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s website to read its notice of approval that includes reasons for and conditions of approval for the CRRRC. 


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