Changes coming soon to your water bill

Building a more sustainable future starts with managing our water

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The City of Ottawa has made changes to its water billing approach to create a fair, affordable and transparent usage-based system for all Ottawa residents. This new system is focused around environmental and financial sustainability, and will support economic development within the city.

Annual rate increase – January 1, 2018

 Effective January 1, the 2018 annual rate increase will come into effect on your water and sewer bill based on the budget approved by Council. Revenue from water charges support the City of Ottawa’s commitment to provide residents with high-quality drinking water, while reducing the risk of flooding and renewing existing infrastructure. The new rates will be communicated as they come into effect.

Rates and Fees

New water, wastewater and stormwater bill rate structure

In October 2016, the City of Ottawa approved a new rate structure for water, wastewater and stormwater services, making it easier for you to make more efficient and environmentally-friendly choices. These changes will come into effect in 2018. See how they may affect your bill.

New Rate Structure

See how your water bill is changing

The City of Ottawa has made your water, wastewater and stormwater bill more accessible and user-friendly than ever. Explore what’s new in the videos below.

Choose your language

Learn how you can select and change the preferred official language on your water, wastewater and stormwater bill.

Upcoming Changes to Your Bill

Register for paperless billing

Discover the advantages of paperless billing and learn how to sign up for this efficient and environmentally-friendly service, as well as getting notified via email when your bill is ready to view.

How to Receive Your Bill

Manage your water consumption

Water conservation is not only good for the environment — it’s good for your wallet, too. From doing your laundry and washing your dishes to cleaning your house and your car, it’s easy to lower your water usage with these simple tips to save on your next bill.


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Be aware of your water use, and discover ways to use less — when you’re home or away.


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Locate and repair leaks to save water, money, and to prevent potentially costly property damage.


Water aerators and washers

Install water saving devices on existing fixtures and select water-efficient devices when replacing older fixtures and appliances.

Water conservation tips