Committee seeks to advance Manotick watermain project

Published on
April 6, 2023
Council, committees and City Hall
Planning, development and construction

The City’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee today approved a plan that would see the City design and build the Manotick Watermain Link Phase 2.

The project would support growth in the Village of Manotick, providing both a redundant water supply to the entire village and extra capacity for the Mahogany subdivision. The new watermain is needed before that residential community, now under construction, can be completed. The subdivision’s developer would enter an agreement to pay the City up to about $12.8 million to design and build the project.

The Committee also endorsed new guidelines to encourage vibrant, accessible commercial patios on both private property and in the public right of way.

The Urban Design Guidelines for Commercial Patios outline design options for various types of patios, and provide details about subjects such as furniture, partitions and vegetation. The City would use the guidelines to evaluate new patio proposals, ultimately creating more outdoor commercial spaces that:

  • Are safe and accessible
  • Support local businesses and economic growth
  • Encourage a more animated and vibrant public realm
  • Foster social connections and community building

Recommendations from today’s meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, April 12.