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Equity and inclusion lens

A message from the City Manager

I am pleased to present the Equity and Inclusion Lens. This is a tool that was developed in 2009, in partnership with City for all Women Initiative and the generous contribution of the community. All this was made possible thanks to a partnership grant between the City of Ottawa and Status of Women Canada.

The Lens will enable us to be systematic, consistent, and coherent in our efforts to promote equity and inclusion in all the work we do. It will help us understand and respond to the needs and aspirations of our increasingly diverse population; recognize and engage the skills, experience and knowledge of all our residents; create policies, programs and services that address systemic barriers; and attract, promote and retain a talented workforce.

The Lens will support the work of Council, management and staff, and our business and community partners. It is central to supporting the City's Service Excellence commitments and initiatives.

Incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion in our day-to-day work is no longer an is essential to our success as a service organization. Make the Lens part of your daily work — incorporate it in your strategies and frameworks, and reflect it in your goals and outcomes. In doing so, we will demonstrate that Ottawa is a City for everyone!

Steve Kanellakos

Equity and Inclusion Lens Cover

Handbook - Equity and Inclusion Lens [ PDF - 7.6 MB ]

A Guide for Municipalities - Advancing Equity and Inclusion [PDF - 1, 842 KB]

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