Mark Taylor - Councillor - Ward 7 Bay

Councillor Mark Taylor

Contact Information

110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1


Experience in our Community

Personal Background

Mark grew up on Moncton Road in the Queensway Terrace North neighbourhood of Bay Ward. He lived, went to school and has worked in Bay Ward almost all of his life.

Raised alone by his mother after his father’s passing when he was just a year old, Mark saw the very real challenges that are still faced by too many of us today. Good friends and living in a helping community he learned, were so important in making sure nobody in our community is left out or left behind.

Together with his wife Christine, his daughter Sasha and stepdaughter Emily; Mark and his family continue to participate in our community and our city - trying to build on the very strong foundations of their shared belief that great communities are made by the daily contributions of many small acts.

In Business

Mark has worked in a variety of business environments, most notably as partner and Chief Information Officer in a local High Technology firm in which he was part owner. With over $1m in annual revenue and 30+ employees this experience in the business sector gave Mark a wealth of respect for our community’s business owners and insight into the important role that business plays in helping to shape our community and promote the positive entrepreneurial spirit that drives our local and national economy.

Community History

Believing in a community means being a part of it. Each of us involves ourselves somewhere, whether it's in the lives of friends and family – a cause or a charity that means something special to us, or even in our daily involvement in the school life of our children. Over the years, Mark has had the pleasure of serving with his daughters soccer club as a parent volunteer and on the parent council of her school; with the Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region helping them to raise funds to support their important work; volunteering with the United Way Day of Caring; ringing the Holiday bells with the Salvation Army in our local malls and serving on the Pinecrest Queensway Community Resource Centre board of directors.

Working in Local Politics

Mark was elected to Ottawa City Council in the Municipal Election of 2010 to represent Bay Ward in Ottawa’s west end. Several years prior to this election, Mark had the opportunity to work in the office of then MPP Jim Watson who represented Ottawa West Nepean in which Bay Ward is located.