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Carp River Restoration Plan

Carp River Restoration Plan Summary

The Council approved Carp River Watershed/Subwatershed study recommended restoration and enhancement of the Carp River, Poole Creek, and Feedmill Creek. The Carp River is a slow-moving, sediment filled river. The Carp River Restoration Plan will enhance the river with a narrower low flow channel that improves sediment transport, vegetation along the river banks, and habitat features such as fish habitat pools and wetlands.

The Carp River Restoration Environmental Study Report was undertaken as a Schedule B project in accordance with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment.

The purpose of the Class Environmental Assessment Study was to develop, evaluate and recommend preferred rehabilitation alternatives for Carp River, Poole Creek and Feedmill Creek within the Kanata West development area. The Carp River Restoration Plan involves full restoration within the Kanata West reach including a change to the channel as well as the following design elements: increased sinuosity; reduction in channel cross-section; creation of ponds and deltas; “nested” channels; varied substrate; riparian vegetation planting; and a pedestrian pathway as part of larger regional and local pathway systems. The Poole Creek Restoration involves four areas that require local improvements including channel realignment, removal of an island and channel narrowing, removal of debris and an old bridge, valley wall treatment, creation of a delta marsh and riparian plantings. Feedmill Creek Restoration involves four areas that require local improvements including channel realignment, increased sinuosity, aquatic connections to the Carp River, local bank treatment and riparian plantings.

In June of 2006 two Master Plans and Environmental Screening Report were completed and

Notices of Completion posted for:

  • Kanata West Master Servicing Study Report, dated June 16, 2006 (15 projects planned under Schedule B of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment);
  • Kanata West Road Network Environmental Study Report dated May 2006 (6 projects planned under Schedule C of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment); and
  • Carp River, Poole Creek and Feedmill Creek Restoration Class Environmental
  • Assessment Report dated June 2006 (1 project planned under Schedule B of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment).

These studies and plans identified 22 projects, 7 of which were subject to Part II Order requests under the Environmental Assessment Act. The other 15 were deemed to be approved and could proceed to construction in accordance with the Class EA process (2009). During the ensuing Part II Orders review period by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), technical errors were found in the hydrologic and hydraulic models used to develop the strategies for the projects. The City of Ottawa requested that the MOE postpone the review until the errors could be further reviewed. In response to these concerns and errors, the City of Ottawa initiated Third Party Review (TPR) of the Carp River Restoration Plan and associated models. The Minister of the Environment subsequently issued an Order in June of 2008 in response to the Part II Order requests that outlined several conditions and a requirement for the 7 projects that led to the Third-Party Review and Updated Project Documentation and Notification.

The conditions outlined in the Minister’s Order required the following information and/or


  • How the TPR results affected the 22 projects;
  • Application of one and two zone flood plain policies;
  • TPR recommendations on model calibration;
  • Water level and flow rate monitoring plan;
  • Implementation Plan; and
  • Updated Public Consultation Report.

A response to the Minister’s Order was compiled and accepted by the Ministry of the Environment in October 2009.

Results of the Third Party Review

Greenland International Consulting Ltd, (Greenland), was commissioned to complete a Third Party Review (TPR) of the Carp River Restoration Plan for the City of Ottawa, based on the Terms of Reference that were approved by Council and reviewed by an Advisory Committee consisting of MOE, MTO, and MVC as well as City Staff and an Academic Panel. The Review included all hydrologic and hydraulic models that were used to create the Carp River Restoration Plan and to support the recommendations of the Master Plans and the 22 projects. The TPR assignment also involved assessing various elements of the restoration plan pertaining to flood storage, sediment transport, two-zone floodplain policy application, and positioning of adjacent stormwater management (SWM) facilities. Greenland also provided an opinion on the application of various provincial and municipal policies, and on impacts of the revised models on the 22 Class EA projects. The TPR was completed and the key findings of the TPR are:

  • Modelling errors have been corrected; all missing hydrographs are now included and missing overland flow is now included;
  • There is insufficient data to determine the appropriate run-off parameter for some upper rural catchments and the routing through tributaries;
  • The maximum (worst case) scenario is a potential deficit of 85,600m3 of stormwater volume;
  • Two storm events of 25 mm volume or greater over a two to six hour duration can be used to validate the models and remove the uncertainty;
  • Until such a validation occurs, development can proceed if measures are implemented to account for the worst case volume; and
  • The outcome from the corrected models does not affect the recommendations of the environmental assessments. Specifically, neither the seven Class EA projects that were subject to the Part II order requests nor the other 15 Class EA projects are impacted by the model changes at the planning decision/EA level.

As part of the Minister’s Order in response to the original Part II Order requests, the Carp River Restoration Plan EA was updated and new Notices of Completion were issued in June 2010. Additional Part II Order requests were received in response to the Notice of Completion. On March 30, 2011 – the Minister of Environment dismissed the Part II Order requests and confirmed that individual Environmental Assessments were not required for the seven disputed projects. The Minister further directs that Stormwater Management Ponds 1, 2, and 5 not proceed until such time as the stormwater management models are calibrated and validated. In July 2011, the Model Validation Report is completed and subsequently filed with Ministry of Environment. The Models have been validated and confirm that the approach in the Environmental Assessments and the direction in the original Carp River Subwatershed Study was valid. Stormwater Management Ponds 1, 2, and 5 may proceed to design and construction. The Carp River Restoration Plan has now moved to the Final Design stage to be completed in 2012 with the first phase of construction anticipated in early 2013.