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Under way

Columbus Avenue - Sharp Street to Lola Street

Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST)

These tunnels will hold up to 43,000m3 of sewer overflow during major rainfalls, the equivalent capacity of approximately 18 Olympic sized pools. Once rainfall has subsided, this water will then be treated and returned safely to the Ottawa River.

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Crystal Beach, Bedale, Conniston, Ullswater, Hexam and Whitburn

Gilmour Street and Cartier Street Rehabilitation

Glynn Avenue (Edith Avenue to Lola Street)

Goth Avenue (Albion Road to Fortier Street)

Irving Place, Laurentian Place, Carling Ave, Oakvale Avenue, Lynwood Avenue

Kanata West Pump Station and Forcemains

Kinburn Side Road Storm Sewer and Roadway Reconstruction

Lavergne, Jolliet, Montfort, Ste. Cecile, Ferland, Frechette, Hector-Hotte, Garneau, Ste. Monique, Perrier

Lyman Street and Mulvihill Avenue Reconstruction

Lyon Street and McLeod Street Rehabilitation

Maplehurst Avenue watermain replacement

Marquis Avenue West (Mulberry Crescent North to Naskapi Drive North)

Monahan Wetland Stormwater Facility Upgrade

Morrena Road Major Drainage Improvements

Richmond Forcemain Repairs and Modifications

Rideau Valley Drive South Reconstruction

Rosebella Avenue watermain and Blossom Park West area traffic management

Seneca Street, Aylmer Avenue and Fulton Avenue etc.

Sherry Lane, Brent Avenue and Cheryl Road Integrated

South Nepean Collector Sewer Phase 2 (Longfields Drive to Strandherd Road)

South Urban Community Pump Station Upgrades & Pressure Zone Changes