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Identifying and Protecting Heritage Properties

  • Ottawa now has approximately 3500 properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act ranging from simple Lowertown cottages to rural churches and stone farmhouses.
  • Heritage Conservation Districts conserve and enhance the unique historical and architectural character of a district.
  • City Council approval is required before alterations or demolition of a heritage property.


An increased awareness and concern for the preservation of historic buildings and neighbourhoods led to the passage of the Ontario Heritage Act in 1975. This legislation enabled municipalities to protect properties of architectural and historical significance and to establish municipal heritage committees to advise City Councils on heritage matters. The City of Ottawa has approximately 3500 properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act ranging from simple Lowertown cottages to rural churches and stone farmhouses.

The City of Ottawa uses a variety of tools to identify and protect cultural heritage resources:

  • Provincial Policy Statement 2014
  • Official Plan
  • Property Standards By-law
  • Listing on the City of Ottawa Heritage Reference List
  • Listing on the Heritage Register
  • Individual designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act Heritage Conservation District designation under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act
  • Heritage Overlay (Section 60 of the Zoning By-law)

Provincial Policy Statement 2014

The Provincial Policy Statement 2014 provides the provincial government's land use vision and outlines how land will be developed and how land and resources will be managed. Section 2.6 of the PPS addresses cultural heritage and archaeology with the following statements:

2.6.1 Significant built heritage resources and significant cultural heritage landscapes shall be conserved.

2.6.2 Development and site alteration shall not be permitted on lands containing archaeological resources or areas of archaeological potential unless significant archaeological resources have been conserved.

2.6.3 Planning authorities shall not permit development and site alteration on adjacent lands to protected heritage property except where the proposed development and site alteration has been evaluated and it has been demonstrated that the heritage attributes of the protected heritage property will be conserved.

2.6.4 Planning authorities should consider and promote archaeological management plans and cultural plans in conserving cultural heritage and archaeological resources.

2.6.5 Planning authorities shall consider the interests of Aboriginal communities in conserving cultural heritage and archaeological resources.

Official Plan

The Official Plan (OP) is the overriding planning document that guides land development in the City of Ottawa. The policies contained within the OP are used to guide the decision making process for planners on individual applications. The OP provides guidance on the conservation of Cultural Heritage Resources in Sections 2 and 4. The OP recognizes heritage as:

" a crucial aspect of the City's planning and infrastructure. It has the power to transform mundane daily experiences into a deeper understanding of where we have come from and enhances our quality of life by engendering an appreciation of local identity and shared community."

Strategic Directions, Section 2.5 of the OP contains policies that provide direction on heritage designation, the municipal heritage committee (BHS-C), archaeological resources, cultural heritage landscapes and inventories of heritage resources. The complete text of Section 2.5 can be seen in Appendix 5.

Review of Development Applications, Section 4 of the OP and provides technical advice on theprotection of heritage resources. This section provides guidelines for reviewing development applications related to heritage buildings and areas. This section also provides requirements for studies related to cultural heritage including Cultural Heritage Impact Statements.

Property Standards By-Law (2013-416)

In 2013, in response to ongoing issues of demolition by neglect of several heritage properties, the City's property standards by-law was updated to include specific rules about the maintenance and minimum standards for heritage buildings. The amendments to the by-law have allowed the City to more closely monitor the condition of designated properties to ensure their long term viability. Section VI of the Property Standards By-Law includes the minimum standards for heritage properties.

Heritage Overlay, Section 60 of the Zoning By-law

Section 60 of the City of Ottawa Zoning By-law contains the Heritage Overlay that is applied to most designated heritage properties and districts. The Overlay provides an additional layer of protection for the property and the character of the area. The Heritage Overlay sets out a variety of requirements for new additions and new construction in heritage areas. For instance, if a building affected by the Heritage Overlay is to be demolished it must be replaced with a building of the same size, massing, and floor area. This regulation is meant to ensure that new construction is not out of character for the area. Section 60 also offers parking incentives for historic buildings.

Heritage Reference List

The Heritage Reference List (HRL) is a large document that lists over 10,000 properties of heritage interest in Ottawa. The list has been compiled over many years through heritage inventories, heritage conservation district studies, windshield surveys and heritage lists from former municipalities such as Nepean and Vanier. The HRL is used as a monitoring tool by Heritage staff in the review of building permits and development applications. There are no restrictions on properties listed on the HRL.

A property does not need to be listed on the HRL in order to be designated and conversely, not all buildings listed on the HRL merit designation under the Ontario Heritage Act. The HRL is currently in need of updating and as such is not circulated publicly. Any member of the public can contact the Heritage Section to determine whether a property is listed on the HRL.

The HRL is in the process of being reviewed and updated.

Protection under the Ontario Heritage Act

The Ontario Heritage Act provides the City of Ottawa with three ways to recognize and protect properties of cultural heritage value listing on the heritage register (Section 27 of the Act), individual designation (Part IV of the Act) ,heritage district designation (Part V of the Act).

Listing on the Heritage Register

Section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act permits municipalities to add properties of cultural heritage value or interest to the Heritage Register. Listing under Section 27 requires property owners wanting to demolish a building listed on the Register to provide the City 60 days notice of the demolition. This allows the City enough time to negotiate with the owner to save the building or to propose its designation if warranted. There are no restrictions on alterations to properties listed under Section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act. The City of Ottawa has approximately 120 properties listed on the Heritage Register.

Individual designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act

Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act gives municipalities the authority to designate individual properties that have cultural heritage value. Properties must meet one of the three criteria for designation prescribed in Ontario Regulation 09/06 to be designated.

Heritage Conservation District under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act

Section 41 of the Ontario Heritage Act gives municipalities the authority to designate areas as heritage conservation districts. District designation can apply to a collection of buildings, streets or open spaces that are of special significance to the community. Heritage conservation districts contribute to our understanding and appreciation of our cultural identity. Ottawa's 18 heritage conservation districts include the former 19th century village of New Edinburgh and the mid-20th residential neighbourhood of Briarcliffe.

For more information please contact:

Sally Coutts, Co-ordinator
Heritage Services Section, Development Review Branch
Planning and Growth Management Department
613-580-2424 ext. 13474

Individual Designation

Individual Designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act

Under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, City Council may recognize and protect properties of cultural heritage value or interest through individual designation. By designating properties of cultural heritage value, City Council ensures their protection for the benefit of present and future generations. A property may be worthy for individual designation if it satisfies one or more of the following criteria established through Ontario Regulation 9/06.

Design or Physical Value
The property has design or physical value because it is a rare, unique or early example of a style, type, expression, material or construction material; displays a high degree of craftsmanship or artistic merit or demonstrates a high degree of technical or scientific achievement

Historical or Associative Value
The property has historical or associative value because it has direct associations with a theme, event, belief, person, activity or institution that is significant to the community; contributes to the understanding of the community, demonstrates the work or ideas of an architect, artist, builder, designer, of significance to the community.

Contextual Value
The building has contextual value because it is important in defining, maintaining or supporting the character of the area; is physically, functionally, visually or historically linked to its surroundings or is a landmark.

How to Apply

Anyone can request designation of a property under the Ontario Heritage Act, and the consent of the property owner is not required in order to designate a property. Requests come from individuals, community associations, councillors and some designations are staff-initiated.

1. Application Form

A completed heritage designation application is the first step in the designation process. The form requires information on the architecture, history and context of the property as well as the reason that designation is being sought. If you are unfamiliar with conducting historical research, the following guide may assist you. If you require assistance in completing the form, please contact the Heritage Section for more information.

2. Designation Process

Once a completed application has been submitted, staff in the Heritage Section will contact the applicant to acknowledge receipt of the application and provide an approximate timeline for its evaluation. If the property is deemed to merit designation under the Ontario Heritage Act, a report recommending designation will be prepared by heritage staff for consideration by the Built Heritage Sub-committee, Planning Committee and City Council.

Not all properties will be recommended for designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. Those applications that are refused will be included in a report to the Built Heritage Sub-committee twice a year.

If Council votes to designate the property, a notice is sent to the property owner and published in a local newspaper. Anyone objecting to the proposed designation must notify the City Clerk, within 30 days of the publication of the Notice. If no objections are received, Council passes a by-law designating the property and notifies the property owner and the Ontario Heritage Trust. If an objection is received, the City will refer the matter to the Conservation Review Board (CRB), a provincially appointed board, for a hearing. The CRB will schedule a hearing, and then offer its recommendations. Although Council is not required to follow the CRB's recommendations, it will consider the CRB's report and either withdraw the notice of intention to designate, or pass a designating by-law.

For more information or to request designation, please contact:

Sally Coutts, Co-ordinator
Heritage Services Section, Development Review Branch
Planning and Growth Management Department
613-580-2424 ext. 13474

Heritage Register

Heritage Register
Address NumberRoad Name By-law NumberProperty NameLegal Description
108ACACIA                  AVE   PLAN 92 PT BLK 16
494ALBERT                  ST  314-97 PLAN 3922 E PT LOT 2 ALBERT; S PT LOT 2 SLATER N EXPROP'N; PLAN N409304 PART 2
504ALBERT                  ST  314-97 PLAN 3922 PT LOTS 1, 2, AND A; ALBERT S EXPROPRIATION PLAN; N409304 PART 1
34ALEXANDER               ST  65-94Henderson HousePLAN 70 PT LOT 1 W HALF; LOT 5 BLK 2 ALEXANDER N; RP5R9293 PARTS 1 AND 2
35ARMSTRONG               ST  289-76Armstrong HousePLAN 89 PT BLK A; RP5R-8169; PARTS 3 & 4
243AUGUSTA                 ST  17-82 PLAN 6 N89 LOT 37 N89; W21.84 LOT 38 STEWART S
109BANK                    ST  190-91 PLAN 3922 PT LOT 36; RP 4R-8785 PART 1
132-138BANK                    ST  269-99 PLAN 3922 LOT 35 NPT; SLATER S
294BANK                    ST  240-91Former Bank of MontrealPLAN 15558 PT LOTS 6,7 AND 8; LOT 9 AND PT LOTS 37 AND 38; SOMERSET S PT LOTS 37 AND 38; MACLAREN N
954BANK                    ST  1984-237Abbotsford HousePLAN 26085 PT BLK 5 PT LOTS 17 AND 24; RP-4R20431 PART 2
957BANK                    ST  Aug-94Horticulture BuildingPLAN 26085 PT LOTS 17, 18; ON BLK 5 RP 4R15305 PART 2
959BANK                    ST  22-84Aberdeen PavilionPLAN 26085 PT LOTS 17, 18; ON BLK 5 RP 4R15305 PART 2
135BARRETTEST  2014-143St. Charles Church 
429-431BAY                     ST  37-81Powers HousePLAN 92 PT BLOCK 27 RP 5R12594 PARTS 1 3 AND 5
101BAYSWATERAVE152-97Mason HousePLAN 92 1/2 PT LOT 17 RP;4R-13102 PART 1
451BESSERER                ST  47-78 (interior)Beattie HousePLAN 6 PT LOT 38 BESSERER N
464BESSERER                ST  46-78Ewart HousePLAN 6 E 20 LOT 39 W30 LOT 40
187BILLINGSAVE2014-142Charles Billings HouseJG TWP PT LOT 16 PLAN 600 PT LOT 1
5BLACKBURN               AVE 2005-14 PLAN 37220 LOTS 13 & 14
7,809BLEEKS                  RD  59-88Hobbs HouseCON 6 PT LOT 10;RP5R-4281 PART 2
42BOLTON                  ST  38-81McCloy HousePLAN 3 LOT 2 W 1/2
163-165BOLTON                  ST  144-85 163: PLAN 3 PT E PT LOT 14; RP5R-9068 PTS 2, 3, 4 165: PLAN 3 PT E PT LOT 14; RP5R-9068 PT 5
3BOWER                   ST  382-78Bower HousePLAN 164639 PT LOT 26
66BRADFORD                ST  20-97; 18-97 PLAN 40 1/2 LOT 2 BLK HNPT
84BRADFORD                ST  169-94Arbour HousePLAN 110 PT LOT 6; RP5R7386 PT 1 BRADFORD W
4BRADLEY FARM            CRT 226-89Bradley HomesteadCON 11 PT LOT 32;RP5R13446 PART 2
100BREEZEHILLAVE2009-2Devonshire SchoolPLAN 73 LOTS 5-14
181BRITANNIARD2001-96Old St. Stephen's ChurchPLAN 71 PT LOT 23; BRITANNIA E; RP5R12083 PARTS 1, 4 & 5
48BRITANNIA               RD  Sep-94 PLAN 40 1/2 LOT 1 BRITANNIA W
127BRITANNIA               RD  20-97 PLAN 71 LOT 14; RP 5R11970 PTS 13 & 14
154BRITANNIA               RD  237-95 PLAN 40 1/2 LOT 18 N PT LOT 19
175BRITANNIA               RD  20-97 PLAN 71 LOT 22; PLAN 5R-11970 PARTS 25, 26
176BRONSON                 AVE 71-80 PLAN 3459 LOT 31 BRONSON W; PT LOTS 22 & 23
190BRONSON                 AVE 114-79 PLAN 3459 LOT 32
9BRUYERE                 ST  69-80Maison Mere, Soeurs Grises de la CroixPLAN 42482 LOTS 1 TO 4
276BRUYERE                 ST  16-82Rocque HousePLAN 1223 W PT LOT 6
55BY WARD MARKET (50 YORK)       SQ  1981-009Byward Market BuildingPLAN 42482 LOT 9 PT LOT 10; GEORGE N LOT 9 PT LOT 10
2,100CABOT                   ST  41-78Park HillCON JUNCTION GORE PT LOTS 17 AND 18 RP 5R1889 PT PARTS 1 AND 2
32CAMERON                 AVE 321-81Robertson HousePLAN 33 PT LOT 9 W73.30
9047CARKNERST  2005-163Former Carkner Lumber MillPLAN 156 PT LOT 9; CON 10 PT LOT 28
930CARLING                 AVE 101-97Booth Barn Complex 
2,730CARLING                 AVE 129-97The Olde ForgeCON 2(OF) PT TWN LOT 21; RP 5R4045 PART 1 CARLING S
3,929CARPRD2006-121Central Emergency Government Headquarters (Diefenbunker)CON 3 PT LOT 20;RP 4R-13836 PARTS 1 AND 2
3,790CARP                    RD  103-2000Carp Argricultural HallCON 2 PART OF LOTS 18 AND 19;AND REF PLAN 5R-2531 PART 2
46CARTIER                 ST  78-94 123 SOMERSET ST W; PLAN 14350 LOT 64 EPT; SOMERSET N LOT 3 PT CARTIER
229CHAPEL                  ST  73-82Plummer HousePLAN 6 LOT 31 LOT 32 DALY S
317CHAPEL                  ST  301-98All Saints' Anglican ChurchPLAN 37220 LOTS 13 & 14 LOT 9 TO 12 & L 3; BLACKBURN W
224COOPER                  ST  98-93 PLAN 12281 LOT 55
300COOPER                  ST  274-92The SheffordPLAN 12281 PT LOTS 46 & 48; LOT 47 COOPER S
310COOPER                  ST  154-84 PLAN 12281 LOT 46 WPT;COOPER S
9CRESCENT                RD  91-24 PLAN M22 PT BLK A17 A26;PLAN 68 PART 1
25-29CRICHTON                ST  Dec-83 25: PLAN 70 PT LOT 10 BLK 9;RP 4R1586 PART 1 29: PLAN 70 PT LOT 10 BLK 9;RP 4R1586 PART 2
51CRICHTON                ST  65-80Garrett HousePLAN 17 N PT LOT 8;CRICHTON S
139-141CRICHTON                ST  222-79Garvock HousePLAN 42 LOT 10 EPT
200CRICHTON                ST  198-90Crichton Street SchoolPLAN 42 LT 11 PT LTS 10,12 &;13. RP 4R-16962 PT LTS 3,5,6;& 7. CRICHTON E & DUFFERIN N
193-195CUMBERLAND              ST  193-78Rathier HousePLAN 42482 PT LOT 27;RP 5R-13744 PART 1 & 5
350-352CUMBERLAND              ST  115-85 PLAN 42482 W PT LOT 25;N PT LOT 26
473CUMBERLAND (90 DALY)         ST  1983-123St. Paul's Eastern United ChurchPLAN 6 W PT LOT 5 LOT 6;DALY S;RP 4R-17783 PART 1
306CYRAVE 2004-374Gamman HousePLAN 39 LOT 28 CYR W
1DALY                    AVE 200-84Albion HotelCARL CONDO PLAN 480;LEVEL 1 UNIT 1;LEVEL 1 UNIT 4
2DALY                    AVE 381-78Carleton County Court HouseP3922 CON 'C' PT TWP LOT 'C';RP 5R11727 PT 1
22DALY                    AVE 67-80County Registry OfficeP3922 CON 'C' PT TWP LOT 'C';RP 5R11727 PT 1
47-49DALY                    AVE 296-91Union Mission BuildingPLAN 6 LOT N LOT O;DALY N
106-110DALY                    AVE 115-79Varin Row106: PLAN 6 W22 LOT 7 DALY S                        108: PLAN 6 PT LOT 7;DALY S;RP4R-2178 PARTS 1 & 3 110: PLAN 6 E PT LOT 7 DALY S;PLAN 4R2178 PART 2
112DALY                    AVE 325-80Lyon HousePLAN 6 PT LOT 8
125DALY                    AVE 150-78St. Alban the Martyr Anglican ChurchPLAN 6 LOT 10 TO 11 DALY;NPT
149DALY                    AVE 43-78Besserer HousePLAN 6 LOT 12 DALY N
192DALY                    AVE 20-82Allan HousePLAN 6 PT LOT 17 LOT 18
199-205DALY                    AVE 18-82Mcfarlane Terrace199: PLAN 6 PT LOT 19;RP 4R-1211 PART 1 4 & 6  201: PLAN 6 PT LOT 19 DALY N;RP 4R-1211 PARTS 2 5 & 7 205: PLAN 6 PT LOT 19;RP 4R-1211 PART 3 & 8
240DALY                    AVE 322-81 PLAN 6 PT LOT 23 LOT 24;RP 4R17857 PARTS 1 AND 3
309-311DALY                    AVE 68-79WinterholmePLAN 6 PT LT 31, 32 & 33;DALY N BESSERER S
315DALY                    AVE 299-84 PLAN 6 E54 LOT 33 LOT 34;DALY N
336DALY                    AVE 42-78Patterson HousePLAN 6 PT LOT 35, LOT 36;RP 4R-17290 PARTS 2 & 4
363-383DALY                    AVE 1978-195Philomene Terrace363: PLAN 6 PT LOT 40 365: PLAN 6 PT LOT 40  369: PLAN 6 PT LOTS 40 & 41                    371: PLAN 6 E PT LOT 41  375: PLAN 6 PT LOT 41  377: PLAN 6 E PT LOT 41 W PT LOT;42 381: PLAN 6 PT LOT 42;PR 4R-2737 PART 1 383: PLAN 6 E24 LOT 42;RP 4R-2737 PART 2
300-310DES PERES BLANCS        AVE 3604Richelieu ParkPLAN 908 PT LOT 1;RPS 5R3181 PTS 5-9;LESS 4R11604 PTS 1-2 PLAN 908 PT LOT 1;RP 5R4372 PT 2
3,229DIAMONDVIEW             RD  99-2000Braclyn," Bradford HomeCON 8 PT LOT 5
3,303DIAMONDVIEW             RD  104-2000Diamond Methodist ChurchCON 8 PT LOT 6;RP 5R-8982 PART 1
3,150DONNELLY                DR  83-83Dibb HouseMARL CON BF PT LOT 8
4,148DONNELLY                DR  82-83Fry HouseMARL BF CON PT LOT 22
4,390DONNELLY                DR  33-89Burritt HouseMARL BF CON PT LOT 25
4,435DONNELLY                DR  55-2000McManus HouseMARL CON 1 PT LOT 26;RP 4R11844 PARTS 1 & 3
4,971DUNNING                 RD  65-84Andrew Wilson House / Hayes HouseCON 4 PT LOT 20;RP 50R-1562 PARTS 1 TO 5;LESS RP 50R-5747 PART 1
5029DUNROBINRD2004-372Pinhey CottageCON 3 N PT LOT 23
4,009DWYER HILL              RD  59-90St. Clare's Catholic ChurchCON 1 PART W 1/2 LOT 6;DWYER HILL W/S
700ECHO                    DR  383-78Hay HousePLAN 105374 LOT 11 ECHO DR;S
774ECHO                    DR  87-98Former Monastere du Precieux SangCON C RF LOT K PT;RP 5R-14603 PARTS 1,2,3,4,7,;8, 12 & 13
32-36ELGIN                   ST  1987-155Bell BlockPLAN 3922 LOT 27 LOT 28;& PT LOT 29;RP 5R-6023 PART 1
38-54ELGIN                   ST  1978-084Central ChambersPLAN 3922 LOT 27 LOT 28;& PT LOT 29;RP 5R-6023 PART 1
150ELGIN                   ST  1982-021(interior)Grant HousePLAN 4556 LOT 57 PT LOT 56;AND RP 4R16882 PART 1;ELGIN W AND GLOUCESTER N
195ELGIN                   ST  352-78Ottawa Normal School / Teacher's CollegeRP 5R9483 PARTS 1 TO 12
69ELM                     ST  1988-211Venn HousePLAN 13 LOT 26;ELM N
108FALLDOWN                LANE102-2000Former Presbyterian MansePLAN 218 LOT 133 PT
5,100FALLOWFIELD             RD  125-92Edward Monaghan HouseCON 6 PT LOT 20;RP4R-14452 PARTS 2 AND 3
185FIFTHAVE 43-2000Mutchmor Public SchoolPLAN 34756 LOTS 52 TO 56;FIFTH AVE N & LOTS 52 TO 56;FOURTH AVE S
73FIRST                   AVE 49-99First Avenue Public SchoolPLAN 35085 LOTS 12 TO 16
268FIRST                   AVE 1997-258Former Ottawa Ladies CollegeCARL CONDO PLAN 621;LEVEL B UNITS 39 54-55 58-59
9FLEET                   ST  65-95Pooley's BridgeLANDS CONTAINED IN INST NOS.;25410, 1243124, 1243142,;1243149 & 1243150
10FLEET                   ST  22-82City Waterworks BuildingLANDS CONTAINED IN INST NOS.;25410, 1243124, 1243142,;1243149 & 1243150
8,981FLEWELLYN               RD  26-85Ashton General StoreCON 9 S PT LOT 1
8,938FLEWELLYN (8930 FLEWELLYN)       RD  43-87Old Anglican Christ ChurchCON 8 PT LOT 1;RP 5R6517 PT 1
6,295FOURTH LINE             RD  80-83Presley HouseN GOWER CON 3 W PT LOT 15
6,576FOURTH LINE             RD  32-89Harrison HousePLAN 628 PT LOT 115;RP 5R3251 PART 1;N GOWER
6,581FOURTH LINE             RD  33-79North Gower Old Town HallN GOWER PLAN 628 LOTS 71-72
6,607FOURTH LINE             RD  82-86Maguire HousePLAN 628 LOT 46 & PT LOT 45
7,347FRANKTOWN               RD  75-92Reilly Blacksmith ShopCON 4 W PT LOT 14;LESS RP 5R-14063 PARTS 1 & 2
7,668FRANKTOWN               RD  31-86William F. Scott FarmhouseCON 3 PT LOTS 11 & 12
40FULLER                  ST  80-84Hayne HousePLAN 114306 PT LTS 142 & 146;PLAN 111 PT BLK 4;RP 5R-6190 PART 3
6,924GALLAGHER               RD  79-83Weatherhead HouseMARL CON 4 PT LOT 8
74GEORGE (63-65 WILLIAM)    ST  398-80Grand Central HotelPLAN 42482 PT LOT I;GEORGE S
43GILMOUR                 ST  193-95Clarke HousePLAN 15558 E PT LOT 70
7,406GILROY                  RD  30-79Gilroy FarmCON 2 W PT LOT 28;HUNT CAMP
85GLEBE                   AVE 2004-369Powell HousePLAN M9 PT BLK K;LESS RP 4R-7015 PARTS 1 & 2
77GLOUCESTER              ST  1986-041Nagel HousePLAN 2996 PT LOT 46
400GOLDRIDGE               DR  2004-375S.S.#1 SchoolhouseCON 2 S PT LOT 5
295GREENVIEW               AVE 20-97 PLAN 229 LOT 25 GREENVIEW E
5,816HAZELDEAN               RD  25-85Kemp's Tavern / Chequers RestaurantCON 11 PT LOTS 26 & 27
486HAZELDEAN               RD  157-91Grierson ResidenceCON 11 PT LOT 31;RP 5R-4253 PART 1
590HAZELDEAN               RD2010-247Bradley/Craig FarmsteadCON 11 PT LOT 29 RP5R2813 PARTS 3 TO 5
7HINTONAVENUE2012-134Capital Wire Cloth FactoryPLAN 157 LOTS 1314 to 1320; HAMILTON W LOTS 1327 TO 1333; HINTON E
149HOPEWELL                AVE 320-81Hunt HousePLAN 115 LOT 46 HOPEWELL N B;LK F
166HURON                   AVE 282-85; 330-92 (int)Connors HousePLAN 127960 LOT 11 PT LOT 12;HURON W
100HUXLEY                  ST  2004-370Former St. Augustine's ChurchCON 6 PT LOT 21
103-113JAMES                   ST  83-78Hollywood Parade103: PLAN 27904 PT LOT 24;JAMES N 105: PLAN 27904 PT LOT 24;JAMES N  1 07: PLAN 27904 PT LOTS 23 & 24;JAMES N 109: PLAN 27904 PT LOT 23;JAMES N 111: PLAN 27904 PT LOT 23;JAMES N          113: PLAN 27904 LOT 23 WPT;JAMES N
3,131JOCKVALE                RD  108-82Jockvale SchoolhouseCON 3RF PT LOT 16;RP 5R14710 PARTS 1,2,3,6,8,;9 & 11 - MCKENNA PARK
3,697JOCKVALE                RD  83-91Denis Bergin HouseCON 2 RF PT LOT 9;RP4R-875 PART 2
62-64JOHN                    ST  181-82Fraser School HousePLAN 15 LOT 13 JOHN ST N
82KENT                    ST  79-80St. Andrew's Presbyterian ChurchPLAN 3922 LOTS 4 & 5;PT LOTS 3 & 6;SPARKS N WELLINGTON S;RP 5R-7361 PARTS 1 TO 9
240KENT  (281 Nepean)                    ST  1978-270St. Patrick's Roman Catholic BasilicaPLAN 2996 E PT LOT 23;GLOUCESTER S and PLAN 2996 W PT LOT 23
1,325KILMAURS SIDE           RD  105-2000St. Andrew's Presbyterian ChurchCONC 2 E PT LOT 16;KILMAURS SIDE RD N/S
174-176KING EDWARD             AVE 192-78Green HousePLAN 42482 PT LOT 32;RP 5R-9660 PART 2
175-177KING EDWARD             AVE 19-82Pinard HousePLAN 9 PT LOT A ST ANDREW S;RP5R4132 PART 1
321KING EDWARD             AVE 33-86Champagne BathPLAN 43586 LOT 8;KING EDWARD E
140LAURIER                 AVE 1985-158First Baptist ChurchPLAN 4556 LOT 57 LOT 56;LAURIER S PLAN 4556 LOT 57;LOT 56 LAURIER S;CCP 544 L1 TO L7 & LA
245LAURIER                 AVE 44-78Dufresne HousePLAN 6 S87.42 LOT 19
312LAURIER                 AVE 233-79Goodwin HousePLAN 15632 LOT 1 TO 4
395LAURIER                 AVE 45-78Stadacona HallLEGATION PLAN 208649 E181;W186 LOT 21 E61.5 LOT 21;LAURIER N
404LAURIER                 AVE 120-94StrathconaPLAN 15632 LOTS 17 TO 20;LAURIER S LOT 3 GOULBURN
593LAURIER                 AVE2014-144Alexander Fleck HousePIN 4111-0260
 LEMIEUX ISLAND  Lemieux Island Bridge 
29LISGAR                  ST  1976-288Lisgar CollegiateRP 4R-1008 PARTS 12 & 13
182-184LISGAR                  ST  104-94 PLAN 12281 LOT 54 PT;LOT 55 PT LISGAR S
160LISGAR                  RD  89-34 PLAN M33 LOT 133 TO 137 LOT;118 TO 121
3,856LOGGERS                 WAY 106-2000Savery HomeCON 7 N W 1/4 LOT 11 &;CON 6 PT LOT 11 & PT RD ALLW;RP 5R-10846 PARTS 1 & 2
28LONG GATE               CRT Dec-92James Long HousePLAN 4M-801 LOT 78
6,727LORD NELSON             ST  34-89Thomson HousePLAN 7 LOT 2;KARS V;NELSON E
35MACKAY                  ST  271-78Allan HousePLAN 70 LOT 4  MACKAY S;PT LOT 5 MACKAY S;RP 4R-16939 PART 1
73-75MACKAY                  ST  268-78Woodburn House73: PLAN 17 LOT 10 WPT  75: PLAN 17 E23.9 OF W43 LOT 10
87MACKAY                  ST  72-80Frechette HousePLAN 17 LOT 13 NPT;RP 4R601 PART 2 TO 3
125MACKAY                  ST  78-83; 2001-43St. Bartholomew's ChurchPLAN 17 PT LOT 12
157-167MACKAY                  ST  339-82Landsdowne Terrace157: PLAN 26972 LOT 1;PLAN 70 PT LOT 8 BLK 13;RP 4R 11430 PART 1  159: PLAN 26972 LOT 2 PT LOT 3;MACKAY S 161: PLAN 26972 PT LOT 3;KNOWN AS PARTS 1 & 2 ON;RP5R13603 MACKAY S  163: PLAN 26972 LOT 4 PT  165: PLAN 26972 PT LOTS 4 & 5  167: PLAN 26972 LOT 6 PT LOT 5;MACKAY S
257MACKAY                  ST  44-2000MacKay United ChurchPLAN 42 LS 25 TO 26
525MACKENZIE               AVE 241-79Connaught BuildingPLAN 42482 LA B CON D E F
275MACLAREN                ST  40-86Pope HousePLAN 15558 PT LOT 47 LOT 46;MACLAREN N
61MAIN                    ST  1982-145Ottawa East Town HallPLAN 150 S PART LOTS B AND C;MAIN E
 MAIN AT BECKWITH 70-80Brantwood Place Gates 
175MAINSTNotice IssuedDeschâtelets Building 
541MANOR                   AVE 87-24 PT BLK 2 LOT 1 JG
5,538MANOTICK MAIN           ST  100-84The Canada Goose ShopPLAN 18 PT LOT 27
5,559MANOTICK MAIN           ST  98-84 N GOWER PLAN 18 PT LOT 52
5,561MANOTICK MAIN           ST  81-83McFadden HousePLAN 18 PT LOT 52
5,562MANOTICK MAIN           ST  47-84The Pretty Old Furniture and Antique ShopN GOWER PLAN 18 PT LOT 62;CON A PT LOT 2
5,567MANOTICK MAIN           ST  56-2000Manotick United ChurchPLAN 18 LOT 59
806MARCHRD2004-373Former March House RestaurantCON 4 PT LOT 11;RP 5R8453 PART 1
821MARCH                   RD  88-82Old Town HallCON 3 PT LOT 11;RP 5R610 PT PART 1
17MARIPOSA                AVE 89-34 PLAN 92 PT BLK 5;PLAN M-60 PT LOT 24
2,337MARKET / FITZROY                ST  101-2000Shirreff Log HomePLAN 77 LOT 84; PLAN 77 LOT 258
6MCLEOD                  ST  287-89 PLAN M-3 LOTS 57 & 58;MCLEOD S
240MCLEOD                  ST  235-79Victoria Memorial Museum (Canadian Museum of Nature)PLAN 30 APPIN PLACE;ARGYLE N;RP5R5618 PARTS 1 TO 6 AND 8
19MELROSEAVE 2006-419Former Ecole Sacré CoeurP201 LOTS 2112-2136 MELROSE;E P105 LOTS 1-2 & PT OF LOT;37 CON 1OF ST FRANCIS E/S
1,876MERIVALE                RD  87-89Merivale United ChurchCON 1 RF PT LOT 28;RP 5R14627 PT PART 1
1,890MERIVALE                RD  108-93St. John's Anglican Church CemeteryCON 1 RF PT LOT 27
216METCALFE                ST  186-96DuncannonPLAN 12281 LOT 49 PT LOT 48
236METCALFE                ST  39-78 (interior)Chelsea Club / Campbell HousePLAN 15558 N PT LOT 1 LOT 2;METCALFE W
252METCALFE                ST  74-80 (interior)Booth HousePLAN 15558 PT LOT 2;LOTS 3 & 4 METCALFE W
301METCALFE                ST  39-86 PLAN 15558 LOT 8;METCALFE E
306METCALFE                ST  76-80Birkett HousePLAN 15558 LOT 12 PT LOT 13;METCALFE W;LOT 14 EPT WAVERLEY N;LOT 14 PT LEWIS S
1,128MILL                    ST2008-221Ayers BuildingN GOWER PLAN 15 LOT 1
1,131MILL                    ST  48-84Weaver's HouseN GOWER PLAN 15 LOT 2
1,137MILL                    ST  69-84Miller's OvenN GOWER PLAN 15 LOT 4
5,525MILL                    ST  32-79Watson's Mill & Dickinson SquareN GOWER CA LOT 1 PT LOT 2;PLAN 15 MILL SQUARE
47-61MURRAY                  ST  1978-266Martineau's HotelPLAN 42482 PT LOT 6 PT LOT 7;PT LOT 8 PT LOT 9
89MURRAY                  ST  122-83 PLAN 42482 W38 LOT 12 AND;PLAN 4797 RP 4R2848 PART 1;PART 2
159MURRAY                  ST  344-80Ecole GuiguesCARL CONDO PLAN 592;LEVEL 1 UNITS 1 TO 12;LEVEL A UNITS 1 TO 14;LEVEL 1 UNITS 15-17 25-32
245-251NEPEAN                  ST  1986-042Quinn's Row245: PLAN 2996 LOT 28 EPT;NEPEAN N  247: PLAN 2996 LOT 28 PT 249: PLAN 2996 PT LOT 28 NEPEAN N 251:  PLAN 2996 LOT 28 WPT
70NICHOLAS                ST  269-78Registry OfficePLAN 3922 PARTS OF LOTS 4-7;NICHOLAS ST W/S;REF PLAN 5R-5557 PART 39
75-77NICHOLAS                ST  380-78 (interior)Carleton County JailPLAN 3922 PT ALBERT ST;CLOSED PT LOT C CONC C;RP5R 7049 PART 1;LESS RP 4R-12239 PART 1
4,5159th (NINTH) LINERD2012-255Rutherford HouseCON 9 PT LOTS 43 AND 44 RDAL;BTN LOTS 43 AND 44 RP;4R18438 PARTS 1 TO 3 8 TO 13;23 TO 25
1,038OAK CREEK               RD  100-2000"Oakleigh" / William Gourlay EstateCON 1 PT LOT 10 RP5R10457;PARTS 2 & 3 RP5R11206 PT 2;LESS RP5411206 PT 1;LESS RP4R11506 PT 1 HUNTLEY CON 1 PT LOT 10;RP 4R11506 PART 1
261-263O'CONNOR                ST  131-87 PLAN 15558 PT LOTS 1 & 2;OCONNOR E
1,134O'GRADYST2005-460 PLAN 18 LOT 48
1,126O'GRADY                 ST  45-84Caiger HousePLAN 18 LOT 42
1,130O'GRADY                 ST  46-84Lincez HousePLAN 18 LOT 47
2,226OLD MONTREAL            RD  65-84Cameron HouseCON 1 PT LOT 18 OS;PART OF RP50R955
2,607OLD MONTREAL            RD  71-87ClearviewCON 1 PT LOT 14 OS
2,800OLD MONTREAL            RD  65-84Old Wilson HouseCON 1 OS PT LOT 12;PT RD ALL BTN LOTS 12 AND 13;RP 4R10623 PART 1;RP 4R18377 PART 1
2,940OLD MONTREAL            RD  65-84; 70-94Cumberland Heritage Village MuseumCON 1 (OS) PT LOT 11 RPS;50R260 PTS 1-3 LESS 50R2263;PT 1 LESS 4R8588 AND 50M112
528OLD ST. PATRICKST  351-78Ste. Anne's Church/Eglise Sainte AnnePLAN 43586 LOTS 20, 21 & 22;& LOTS 2, 3 & 4;RP 5R6187 PART 1
 O'NEILLRD2-99Dwyer Hill Roman Catholic Burial Groundsee by-law
424PARKDALE                AVE 16-96Parkdale Fire Station (#11)PLAN 157 S PT LOT 832;PARKDALE W
2,944PIERCE                  RD  50-85O'Connor HouseCON 4 N PT LOT 5;RP 5R13746 PART 1
3,048PIERCE                  RD  77-80Marlborough Township HallCON 4 E PT LOT 7;RP 5R5742 PT 1
269PINHEY'S POINTRD2014-145Old St. Mary's Church and RuinsPIN 45280051 CON 7, LOT 23
270PINHEY POINT            RD  32-75Pinhey PropertyCON 7 PT LOT 24
339PLEASANT PARK           RD  227-96 PLAN 129 PT LOT 123
130PRESTON (930 SOMERSET ST W)                ST  44-95Plant BathPLAN 13 PT BLK 115 PRESTON W
3,436PRINCE OF WALES         DR  127-88Captain Stephen Collins HouseCON 1 RF PT LOT 13
6,564PRINCE OF WALES         DR  55-87Cinnamon HousePLAN 628 PT BLK K;LESS RP 5R-13461 PART 1 AND;LESS RP 4R-19543 PART 1
404QUEEN                   ST  416-81James Fleck HousePLAN 3922 LOT 18 LOT 19;LOT 20 PT QUEEN S;LOT 18 LOT 19 ALBERT N;RP5R-6044 PARTS 1 TO 3
406QUEEN                   ST  238-80Hutcheson HousePLAN 3922 E PT LOT 20;QUEEN S
408QUEEN                   ST  417-81 PLAN 3922 W PT LOT 20;E PT LOT 21
410QUEEN                   ST  247-80Puddicombe HousePLAN 3922 W PT LOT 21;QUEEN S
439QUEEN                   ST  77-80Christ Church CathedralPLAN 3922 LOT 20 TO LOT 22;S/S SPARKS
2QUEEN ELIZABETH         DRWYNotice Issued 1981Cartier Square Drill HallRP 5R-9670 PARTS 4 TO 7
304-312QUEEN ELIZABETH         DRWY369-81Queale Terrace304:  PLAN 35085 PT LOT C;WEST DRIVEWAY;RP4R8277 PARTS 2 AND 23  306:  PLAN 350 PT LOTS 2 & C;WEST DRIVEWAY;RP4R8277 PARTS 3,4,17 & 24  308: PLAN 35085 PT LOTS 2,C & D;WEST DRIVEWAY;RP4R8277 PARTS 5,6,11,16,19;25 & 26 310: PLAN 35085 PT LOTS 2 & D;WEST DRIVEWAY;RP4R8277 PARTS 7,8,15,20,21;22 & 27 312: PLAN 35085 PT LOTS 2 & D;WEST DRIVEWAY;RP4R8277 PARTS 9,10 & 14
3,455RAMSAYVILLE             RD  150-1997Ramsayville School S.S. #13CON 5 OF PT LOT 20
2,306RELIN                   WAY 91-86Engel HouseN GOWER CON 3 PT LOT 22;RP5R6615 PART 4
1,665RICHARDSON SIDE         RDNotice IssuedRichardson Farm House 
2,193RICHARDSON SIDE         RD  14-2000Cheshire Cat Pub / Mulligan's School 1883CON 2 PT LOT 6
114RICHMOND                RD48-2012Sisters of the VistationPLAN 152 PT BLK C
150RICHMOND                RD  259-88Aylen-Heney CottagePLAN 440 LOT 3;RICHMOND S
345RICHMOND                RD  89-82Nepean Town HallPLAN 179 PT BLK A RICHMOND N;RP 5R14485 PART 2
347RICHMOND                RD  2001-195Chapel of All Saints' Anglican Church,  WestboroPLAN 179 PT LOTS B AND C;AND RP 4R20307 PT 1
529RICHMOND                RD  119-94; 15-95 (int)MaplelawnPLAN 4R506 PARTS 1 TO 7;PLAN 4R567 PARTS 12 TO 25;NCC OT 3-1;LESS RP5R14784 PART 1
635RICHMOND                RD  206-78Bingham-McKellar HouseCARL CONDO PLAN 270
2,720RICHMOND                RD2006-420Grant SchoolCON 2OF PT OF N 1/4 LOT 21 &;PLAN 348 LOTS 488-489 ON ROB;ROY W/S KNOWN AS GRANT;ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL
2,976RICHMOND                RD  78-80Mosgrove SchoolCARL CONDO PLAN 338
3,080RICHMOND                RD  81-81FairfieldsCON 2 (OF) PT LOT 18
3,851RICHMOND                RD  14-92Bells Corners Union CemeteryCON 4RF PT LOT 35
5,519RICHMOND                RD  100-95Wallace/ Tierney FarmhouseCON 6 RF PT LOT 23;RP4R-11455 PART 1
1RIDEAU                  ST  265-78Chateau LaurierCON C RIDEAU FRONT PART;OF TWP LOT B
2RIDEAU                  ST  239-79 (int)Union StationPLAN 17922 LOTS 4-14 & PARTS;OF LOTS 1-3 & PART OF LOT C;ALL KNOWN AS 5R-6023 PART 24
10RIDEAU                  ST  68-80Transportation BuildingRP 5R-5671 PTS 1-11-13-21;24-35 37-40 RP 5R5725 PART 1;LESS RP 5R-5727 PTS 1 2 & 3
89RIDEAU                  ST  69-83 P42482 LOTS C D E PT F PT G;ATT OF MOSGROVE ST;RP4R-599 PTS 1-4 RP5R-5514;PT 1 RP5R6343 PART 1
91-95RIDEAU                  ST  69-83Rideau HotelP42482 LOTS C D E PT F PT G;ATT OF MOSGROVE ST;RP4R-599 PTS 1-4 RP5R-5514;PT 1 RP5R6343 PART 1
97-99RIDEAU                  ST  127-83The AtwoodPLAN 42482 PT LOTS F & G;PLAN 16745 PT LOT 1 RIDEAU N;RP 5R-7629 PART 1;RP 5R-9476 PART 1
101RIDEAU                  ST  127-83 PLAN 42482 PT LOTS F & G;PLAN 16745 PT LOT 1 RIDEAU N;RP 5R-7629 PART 1;RP 5R-9476 PART 1
103-105RIDEAU                  ST  126-83Featherstone BuildingPLAN 42482 PT LOTS F & G;PLAN 16745 PT LOT 1 RIDEAU N;RP 5R-7629 PART 1;RP 5R-9476 PART 1
107-115RIDEAU                  ST  328-82Robinson-Birkett BuildingPLAN 16745 LS 1 TO 4;RP 4R2166
155-159RIDEAU                  ST  75-80Clegg-Feller BuildingPLAN 101975 E PT LOT 3 LOT;4 RIDEAU N LOT 5 DALHOUSIE W;155 TO 159 RIDEAU
183-185RIDEAU                  ST  ?-77No bylaw- easement agreement onlyPLAN 42482 LOT R SOUTH PART;LOT R NORTH PT;RIDEAU ST
377RIDEAU                  ST  169-98; 2005-147Rideau Branch LibraryPLAN 43586 PT LOTS 16 & 17;RP 4R15768 PT PART 5;RP 4R20218 PARTS 1-4 11 & 12
589RIDEAU                  ST  221-90Wallis HouseCARL CONDO PLAN 586
6,656RIDEAU VALLEY           DR  49-84Trinity United Church, KarsN GOWER CON 1 PT LOT 22
6,691RIDEAU VALLEY           DR  50-98Kars Loyal Orange Lodge No. 35CON 1 PART OF LOT 22
6,700RIDEAU VALLEY           DR  46-86Bryan HousePLAN 7 LOTS 1 & 2;RP 5R-1526 PART 1;PT LOT 23 CON 1
6,722RIDEAU VALLEY           DR  44-86Davy HousePLAN 7 LOT 8
6,836RIDEAU VALLEY           DR  31-79Lindsay HouseN GOWER CON 1 S PT LOT 25
3RIVER                   ST  280-87Hintonburg Pumping StationPLAN 60 S90' BLK M RIVER E
2,087RIVERSIDE               DR  40-78Laws HouseJUNC GORE PT LOT 17;RIVERSIDE E RP5R8561 PART 1
501ROCKCLIFFEPKWY168-99Ottawa New Edinburgh ClubJUN GORE PT LOT A  PT RD;PT RD BTWN LOT A & LOT 1;RP5R 3310 PARTS 3 8 10 46 56;87 & 89 NCC OT 10-2
2,323ROGER STEVENS           DR  31-88Railer/Steel HousePLAN 628 LOT 57
2,659ROGER STEVENS           DR  49-85Hackett HouseMARL CON 6 W PT LOT 1
325SANDHILL (329 SANDHILL)               RD  104-90St. John's Anglican ChurchCON 4 S PT LOT 10;LESS RP 4R-12785 PART 3
6,713SECOND LINE             RD  31-83Thunderwood FarmCON 1 W PT LOT 23;LESS RP 4R-15659 PART 1 & 2; CON 1 W PT LOT 23;N GOWER 
51SLACK                   RD  35-82Merivale Schoolhouse #13CON 1 RF PT LOT 26;RP5R11550 PART 1 TO 3
29SOMERSET                ST W219-84Adams HousePLAN 22755 LOT C SOMERSET N
149SOMERSET                ST W43-86Pattee/Freiman HousePLAN 14350 LOT 61 LOT 60;LOT 59
324SOMERSET                ST W73-80Butterworth HousePLAN 15558 PT LOT 43
326-328SOMERSET                ST W80-78Chamberlain HousePLAN 15558 PT LOTS 42 & 43;SOMERSET S
346SOMERSET                ST E1987-154Sullivan HousePLAN 15632 PT BLK 51;SOMERSET E
760SOMERSET                ST W 202-90St. Luke's Anglican ChurchPLAN 4908 E PT LOT 32;RP5R-14238 PART 2
96SOUTHERN                DR  79-84Williams HousePLAN 296457 LOT 221 & 222
42-50SPARKS                  ST  1987-155Trust Block/Scottish Ontario ChambersPLAN 3922 LOT 27 LOT 28;& PT LOT 29;RP 5R-6023 PART 1
125SPARKS                  ST  88-92Former Bank of Nova ScotiaPLAN 3922 LOT 17 SPARKS N;S PT LOT 17 WELLINGTON S;RP 4R-662 PART 2
156-158SPARKS                  ST  300-80 PLAN 3922 LOTS 12 & 13;RP 5R9095 PARTS 1 & 3
24SPRINGFIELD             RD  28-96St. Charles SchoolCARL CONDO PLAN 596
117ST. ANDREW              ST  155-80Maison Joseph ArchambaultPLAN 42482 E PT LOT 15;RP 4R1694 PART 4
188ST. ANDREW              ST  62-80 (interior)Foisey HousePLAN 42482 E PT LOT 25;ST ANDREW S
221-223ST. ANDREW              ST  248-80Maison Odillon ArchambaultPLAN 42482 PT LOT 30;RP4R-15855 PARTS 2 3 4 & 5;WITH ROW R4R-15855 PART 6
1,445ST. JOSEPH              BLVD90-2000Butler HouseCON 1 OF PT LOTS 11 AND 12;RP 5R150 PARTS 8 TO 11
1,811ST. JOSEPH              BLVD182-2000Youville FarnPLAN 4m-152BLKM RP 4R-6928 PART 1
138ST. PATRICK             ST  264-78Flavien Rochon HousePLAN 42482 W PT LOT 3
142-144ST. PATRICK             ST  194-78Valade HousePLAN 42482 E PT LOT 3
150ST. PATRICK             ST  275-92Alphonse Rochon HousePLAN 42482 E PT LOT 4
204-210ST. PATRICK             ST  63-80Residence Brousseau204: PLAN 42482 PT LOT 11 & 12;RP 5R-5687 PART 1;ROW OVER PART 3 TO 6          206: PLAN 42482 PT LOT 11 PT LOT;12 RP5R5687 PARTS 2 3 4 6;AND 7 ST PATRICK S 208: PLAN 42482 PT LOT 12;RP 5R-8917 PART 2 3 5 & 6 210: PLAN 42482 PT LOT 12;RP 5R-8917 PART 1
288-290 1/2ST. PATRICK             ST  384-78Brule HousePLAN 42482 PT LOTS 22 & 23;RP 5R-6532 PART 1
314ST. PATRICK             ST  129-81St. Brigid's ChurchPLAN 42482 LOT 25 TO 26;MURRAY N LOT 25 TO 26 ST;PATRICK S
145ST. PATRICK (143 St. Patrick)  ST  267-78Archbishop's PalacePLAN 42482 BLK N LOTS 1 TO 6;GUIGUES S;LOTS 1 TO 6 ST PATRICK S
92STANLEY                 AVE 244-82McLeod HousePLAN 17 LOT 8 SPT BLK 9
119STANLEY                 AVE 283-82Jones HousePLAN 17 E PT LOT 8 BLK 15
151STANLEY                 AVE 245-82Bell HousePLAN 70 BLK 16 LOTS 5 AND 6;PT LOT 7
 STANLEY AVENUE @ UNION 209-89Minto Bridges 
15STEEPLE HILL            CRES134-86St. Patrick's Church and PresbyteryCON 5 RF PT LOT 22
72STEEPLE HILL            CRES81-83James Smith HouseCON 5RF PT TWP LOT 21;RP4R-14160 PART 1
119STEEPLE HILL            CRES133-86Fallowfield United ChurchCON 5RF PT LOT 21
65STEWART                 ST  324-81Jarvis HousePLAN 6 E56 FT S89 LOT 7
66-68STEWART                 ST  326-80Reagan HousePLAN 6 W PT LOT 7 LOT 8;STEWART S
84-86STEWART                 ST  124-83 PLAN 6 EPT LOT 9;STEWART S
132STEWART                 ST  50-86White HousePLAN 6 EPT LOT 15 STEWART S
188-192STEWART                 ST  81-78Ross HousePLAN 6 PT LOTS 22 & 23;STEWART S
284-286STEWART                 ST  66-80Grayburn HousePLAN 6 LOT 36 STEWART S
1,510STITTSVILLE MAINST33-87Green's HotelCON 10 PT LOT 23, RP-5248; PARTS 1, 2, & 3
20STONE HOUSE             CRT May-84Patrick Waters HousePLAN 4M-645 BLK 24;PT LOT 19;RP 4R-13372 PART 2
260SUNNYSIDE               AVE 275-96Ottawa South Community CentrePLAN 118266 N PT LOT 76;FAIRBAIRN W AND LOTS 64-66;SUNNYSIDE S
111SUSSEX                  DR   Former Ottawa City HallCON D RF PT LOT 0 GREEN;ISLAND S667 FT RP5R5296 LESS;PART 1 RP5R13825
140SUSSEX                  DRNotice Issued 1981EarnscliffePLAN 3 LOT 13 PT LOT 17 PT;LOT 18 LOT 19 RP 4R-14198;PART 2 LESS RP 4R-14198 PART;1
385SUSSEX                  DR  267-78 (interior)Notre Dame BasilicaPLAN 42482 BLK N LOTS 1 TO 6;GUIGUES S;LOTS 1 TO 6 ST PATRICK S
419-421SUSSEX                  DR  82-78Graham-McGillvray BuildingPLAN 42482 LOTS 1 TO 2;ST PATRICK S;LOT 1 PT LOT 2 MURRAY N;ROW OVER RP 5R-11352 PART 2
31SWEETLAND               AVE 1979-223Simard HousePLAN 14349 LOT 6
62SWEETLAND               AVE 1981-323Mitron HousePLAN 14349 PT LOT 11 PT LOT;12 SWEETLAND W
175THIRDAVE 274-96Glebe Community CentrePLAN 102979 LOTS 124-125 2ND;S AND LOTS 142-143 THIRD N PLAN 102979 LOTS 116-127 2ND;S AND LOTS 144-145THIRD N
8243VICTORIA                ST  2005-15Former Osgoode Township HallPLAN 100 PT BLK 'B';RP 5R4451 PTS 6-7
14WALLER                  ST  242-79 (interior)Ottawa Marble and Granite WorksPLAN 3922 PT LOT 21;RP 4R20095 PARTS 1 TO 4
180WALLER                  ST  1982-057Odell HousePLAN 3350 PT LOT 20;RP 4R18604 PART 2
1,579WASHINGTON              ST  48-85St. Loius HouseN GOWER PLAN 7 LOT 4
6,732WATERLOO                ST  65-86Minor HouseN GOWER PLAN 7 LOT 1
50WELLINGTON              ST  1978-354Langevin BlockPLAN 3922 LOT 22 TO LOT 26 WELLINGTON S LANGEVIN BLK IRREG 281.29FR 99.00D
128WELLINGTON              ST  Notice Issued 1981Union Bank BuildingPLAN 3922 LOT 15 SPARKS N;LOT 15 PT WELLINGTON S;RP 4R-662 PT PART 12
1,119WELLINGTON              ST  228-96 PLAN 43 PART LOTS C TO E;RP5R-6952 PARTS 1 TO 4;PLAN 83 PART LOT 81
1,140WELLINGTON              ST2014-141Bethany Hope CentrePLAN 14 PT LOT 2 PLAN 21 PT; LOT 8 PLAN 106 LOT F PT LOT; E PT LANE AND RP 4R17761 PT; PART 1 RP 5R5160 PT PART 1
208-210WILBROD                 ST  1994-050St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran ChurchPLAN 2341 LOTS 10-11 WILBRDS;N PT LOT 3 KING EDWARD W
213WILBROD                 ST  345-80Coté HousePLAN 6 E PT LOT 11 WILBROD N
273WILBROD                 ST  2004-371 PLAN 6 PT LOT 19 WILBROD N;RP 4R20247 PARTS 1 3 AND 5
500WILBROD                 ST  49-78Fleck HousePLAN 208649 LOT 2;PT LOTS 1 3 4 & 5;RP4R4845 PARTS 2 3 & 7
197-199WURTEMBURG              ST  64-80Children's HospitalPLAN 43586 LOT 3
18YORK                    ST  36-81Ottawa French Canadian InstitutePLAN 42482 LOT 1-3 LOT 5PT;YORK S LOT H NO SUSSEX E;LOTS 1-5 GEORGE N NCC OC 9-2
39-41YORK                    ST  201-90St. Louis HotelPLAN 42482 E PT LOT 6;YORK N;RP 5R-4618 PARTS 5 & 6;RP 5R-11840 PARTS 5 & 6
54-60YORK                    ST  Aug-81Borbridge BuildingPLAN 42482 LOT 11;YORK S
62-66YORK                    ST  125-83Shouldice HotelPLAN 42482 W PT LOT 12
153-161YORK                    ST  35-81Brown TenementsPLAN 42482 LOT 25

Heritage Conservation Districts

Heritage Conservation District Designation under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act

Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA) allows municipalities to recognize and protect neighbourhoods, rural landscapes, main streets or other areas of special cultural heritage value that have a cohesive sense of time and place. Designated heritage districts often enjoy a renewed cultural and economic vitality not only because district designation highlights their special values but also because they are protected from decay and the intrusion of incompatible structures.

Although each district is different, many share common characteristics. Heritage Conservation Districts (HCDs) may have:

  • A concentration of heritage buildings, sites, structures and cultural landscapes
  • Visual coherence through the use of building scale, mass, height, material, proportion, colour that convey a sense if time and place
  • A distinctive character that allows them to be distinguished from neighbouring areas

How Districts are Designated

Community associations, the Built Heritage Sub-Committee (BHS-C), historical societies or any individual may request that an area be considered for designation as a heritage conservation district.

As HCDs are more complex than individual designations, requests to study an area for potential designation as an HCD should be discussed with staff in the Heritage Section prior to the submission of a request. Heritage staff can provide information on the implications of designation, the timelines and the amount of work involved in designating a heritage conservation district.

The process to designate a heritage conservation district under Part V of the OHA is outlined in detail below.

1. Preconsultation and Background Research

  • Interested parties should contact the Heritage Section to discuss the proposed designation. Background research will indicate if the area merits consideration as a heritage conservation district.

2. Heritage Conservation District Study

  • The Heritage Conservation District Study phase includes the research and evaluation of properties and streetscapes within the proposed district and research of the history of the area. The study helps to inform the Heritage Conservation District Plan.

3. Heritage Conservation District Plan

  • The Ontario Heritage Act requires that a Heritage Conservation District Plan must be drafted prior to the designation of a new district. The plan must include a statement of heritage value and attributes as well as policies and guidelines for the management of the District.
  • A public meeting is held to present the draft plan and receive comments.
  • A report is prepared for the consideration of BHS-C, Planning Committee (PC) and City Council.

Process to designate a property under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act

  • Council votes to establish a Heritage Conservation District Study area as recommended by Staff and BHSC
  • Heritage Staff undertakes a study of the established area.
  • The Heritage Conservation District Study must include:
    • An examination of buildings and other landscape features to determine if the area should be preserved as a heritage conservation district.
    • Recommendations regarding geographic boundaries of the study area
    • Make recommendations regarding the objectives and content of the heritage conservation district plan
    • Make recommendations regarding any required changes to the Official Plan or Zoning Bylaw.
  • Staff consults with the local community and the public regarding the proposed geographic boundaries and the design guidelines in the Study and Plan. Staff revises the Study and Plan as necessary after public consultation.
  • Staff prepares a report and documents for BHSC, PC and City Council review
  • Staff consults with BHSC who makes a recommendation to Council regarding the designation
  • PC makes a recommendation to City Council regarding the designation.
  • City Council votes to designate or refuse the Heritage Conservation District. If approved the Heritage Conservation District Plan is adopted.
  • City Clerk provides Notice of Bylaw to the Owners, Ontario Heritage Trust and published in the newspaper.
  • 30 Day Appeal Period
  • If no appeals are received the by-law comes into effect following the last day of the appeal period and the bylaw is registered on title for the affected properties.
  • If appeals are received, the matter is referred to the Ontario Municipal Board.
  • The OMB holds a hearing and renders a final decision. The OMB may:

1. Repeal the By-law
2. Amend the By-law
3. Dismiss the Appeal

Process to designate a property under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act

Heritage Conservation District Plans

Changes to the Ontario Heritage Act in 2005 introduced a requirement that all new HCDs must have an HCD Plan adopted by by-law at the time of designation. The objective of an HCD Plan is to outline the cultural heritage value and attributes of an HCD and provide policies and guidelines to manage change in the HCD. The Ontario Heritage Act requires that an HCD Plan include the following sections:

  1. Statement of Objectives
  2. Statement of Cultural Heritage Value
  3. Description of Heritage Attributes
  4. Policy statements and guidelines
  5. List of minor alterations that do not require a heritage permit

Part V of the OHA does not require that pre-2005 HCDs be updated to meet the new requirements; however it does enable municipalities to do so if they wish. The heritage conservation district guidelines that exist for most of the HCDs in Ottawa are very useful tools and are still in effect. The City of Ottawa is working to update its existing HCDs with new HCD plans. 


Property owners are required to seek approval from the City of Ottawa under the Ontario Heritage Act prior to undertaking the alteration or demolition of a designated heritage property. Complete information about how to apply can be found online.

If Council refuses an application or imposes conditions on its approval, the owner of the property may appeal the decision to the Ontario Municipal Board within 30 days of a decision. Only the property owner may appeal a decision of City Council.

Heritage Conservation Districts

There are 18 HCDs in Ottawa. All of these districts are found within the urban area of the city:

Maps and Descriptions (Launch Map)

  • Sandy Hill West (By-law 255-94)
  • Briarcliffe (By-law 2013-65)
  • Clemow Estate East (By-law 2011-346)
  • Centretown (By-law 269-97)
  • Minto Park (By-law 142-88)
  • Lorne Avenue (By-law 2005-13)
  • Sparks Street (By-law 174-2000)
  • Rockcliffe Park (By-law 97-10)
  • New Edinburgh (By-law 2001-44)
  • ByWard Market (By-law 60-91)
  • Lowertown West (By-law 192-94)
  • Cathedral Hill (By-law 286-89)
  • King Edward Avenue (By-law 310-82)
  • Sweetland Avenue (By-law 309-82)
  • Laurier/Wilbrod (By-law 307-82)
  • Stewart/Wilbrod (By-law 311-82)
  • Daly Avenue (By-law 308-82)

For more information please contact:

Sally Coutts, Co-ordinator
Heritage Services Section, Development Review Branch
Planning and Growth Management Department
613-580-2424 ext. 13474

Heritage Inventory Project

Preserving our city's heritage resources is a priority for the City of Ottawa. To ensure better management of our built heritage resources, the City has initiated the Heritage Inventory Project (HIP). This project will involve a city-wide survey and evaluation of all built structures in order to determine which resources contribute to the city's cultural heritage. Our aim is to provide the public, developers, City staff, elected officials, and other stakeholders with a clear understanding of heritage assets within our city.

The outcome of the project will be an easily accessible, online map-based inventory of Ottawa's heritage resources.

Map by neighbourhood:

Old Ottawa East [PDF 1.3 MB]

Old Ottawa South [PDF 1.2 MB]

Lowertown and Sandy Hill [PDF 1.6 MB]

How can you contribute?

Do you or your community organization have information to share with us? The City's Heritage Services Section is looking for your unique stories, facts, photographs, maps or articles which highlight the cultural heritage attributes of houses, barns, streets, neighbourhoods or other built resources throughout Ottawa. You can help shape the future of heritage preservation in our city

The project will be completed by:

  • Analyzing architectural style, construction materials, and integrity of buildings in neighbourhoods throughout the city;
  • Consulting with community associations, councillors, historians and residents;
  • Undertaking archival research, photo documentation, and oral history interviews;
  • Using GIS technology to locate and identify buildings and other resources of cultural heritage value in all communities of the city, assessing their contribution to historic fabric of neighbourhood.


The project began in early 2016 in Lowertown and Sandy Hill, and proceeded to Old Ottawa East and Old Ottawa South in early 2017. The survey will expand outwards to other neighbourhoods inside the Greenbelt, outer suburbs, villages and finally rural settlement areas by the end of 2018. The project is currently reviewing properties in the Glebe with Centretown and Hintonburg being the next neighbourhoods to be studied, likely during Winter 2017 and Spring 2018.

Public engagement update

On June 22, 2017, approximately 66 participants from Old Ottawa East and Old Ottawa South attended an information session to learn more about the HIP, the Heritage Register, and to discuss the heritage attributes of their neighbourhood, as well as specific properties. The information session highlighted some of the properties proposed to be added to the Register, included detailed maps of the study area, and provided an explanation of the property evaluation process.

On March 21, 2017, approximately 80 participants from Lowertown and Sandy Hill attended an information session to learn more about the project, the Heritage Register, and specific implications for their properties. The session highlighted some of the properties proposed to be added to the Register, detailed maps of the study area,  and an explanation of the property evaluation process.

Where can you find out more?

Evaluating Heritage Value [PDF 75 KB]

Please email your questions to


1. Screenshot from application
The image shows a screenshot of the Heritage Inventory application demonstrating its use by highlighting a property and displaying the information available including architectural styles, integrity, roofline, stories and description.

2. 60 Boteler Street
This image shows the Malaysian High Commission, a three-storey white modernist building.

3. 16-20 Desjardins Avenue
This image shows a red brick row house with white and blue accents along the porches, doorways and roofline.

4. 407 Elgin Street
The image shows a large U-shaped yellow brick apartment building with white stone ornamentation around the doorway and roofline.

5. 17 Qualicum Street
This image shows a modernist house in a western suburb of the city. There is a mixed use of materials including wood, glass and brick.

6. Strathcona Park (image credit: City of Ottawa Archives)
This historic photograph depicts a man sitting on a bench on the north end of Strathcona Park. The fountain is in the foreground, Rideau River off on the left and an apartment building in the background.

For more information, please contact our research team:
613-580-2424 x 16616


Additions to the Heritage Register

The following map contains information about properties added to the Heritage Register as a result of the Heritage Inventory Project:

Heritage Conservation District Completed Plans