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Building Better Revitalized Neighbourhoods


The Heatherington and Vanier South-Overbrook neighbourhoods are the starting point for the Building Better Revitalized Neighbourhoods (BBRN) initiative, which began in 2016.

The objective of BBRN is to improve the health, vibrancy and liveability of priority neighbourhoods in Ottawa. The initiative will focus on revitalization through new and existing program and service initiatives, infrastructure as well as redevelopment. The BBRN initiative will help the community continue to grow as a place where children, youth and adults can meet their everyday needs, participate in community life and succeed!

Work in the Heatherington and Vanier South-Overbrook communities has started with a focus on engaging community members, service providers, residents, landowners and business leaders to discover what is already working in each of the neighbourhoods in order to identify the priorities for revitalization. By the end of 2017, there will be two distinct neighbourhood revitalization plans with recommended projects to take place in the short, medium and long-term.

What are the timelines?

January to June:                  Gather opinions, comments and feedback

July to September:               Review feedback, create draft neighbourhood revitalization plans

September to October:         Draft neighbourhood revitalization plans available for feedback  

November to December:      Staff report presented for approval by Committee and Council

Questions?  Or interested in more information?

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What’s happening in my neighbourhood?

Draft Neighbourhood Revitalization Strategies for each community are now available.

Heatherington Neighbourhood Revitalization Strategy – Executive Summary [Draft] [ PDF 256 KB ]
Vanier South-Overbrook Neighbourhood Revitalization Strategy- Executive Summary [Draft]  [ PDF 125 KB ]

Each Strategy has a unique action plan with short, medium and long term initiatives as well as goals for a future Neighbourhood Revitalization Plan. Tell us what you think! You can send any comments about the Strategies to You can also email us to get a copy of the full report.   

These strategies were developed based on our discussions with residents, businesses and service providers about what they think are the priorities for the neighbourhoods. This feedback is summarized in the community consultation reports below. 

Heatherington Community Consultation Report [ PDF 4 MB ]
Vanier South-Overbrook Community Consultation Report [ PDF 4 MB]



The Area of Focus are the properties south of Walkley Road, east of Albion Road North, west of Holly Lane and north of Hydro Ottawa lands.

Study area map [ PDF 907 KB ]

Vanier South-Overbrook

The Area of Focus are the properties fronting on St. Laurent Boulevard between McArthur Avenue and Queen Mary Street.

Study area map [ PDF 1.368 MB ]