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Carling Avenue Cycling Improvements

Project Status: 

Carling Avenue (March Road to 200 metres east of March Road)

Online Information April 15 to November 30, 2017

The City of Ottawa is in the process of designing improvements to Carling Avenue for cyclists from a point approximately 200 m east of March Road to March Road.  The work will correct a gap between existing bike lanes on March Road and existing paved shoulders on Carling Avenue by slightly widening the road, in order to create enough width for the new facilities.  Both Carling Avenue and March Road are designated Spine Cycling Routes on the 2013 Ottawa Cycling Plan and the project was identified as part of the ‘affordable network’ within the 2013 plan.  They lead to major employment areas in Kanata North and the city is improving conditions to support bicycle commuting.  This project is supported financially by the federal government’s Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.

The purpose of the project is to address a missing cycling link for recreational, utilitarian and commuter users at an important junction of two routes.  

Residents are invited to review the functional design plan for the project:

Function Design Plan [ PDF 514 KB ]

Project Timing

The project is currently in the engineering design phase which is targeted for completion in the fall of 2017.  Federal funding criteria requires construction to be completed by March 31, 2018.  A construction timeline will be identified after completion of detailed design.

Project Drawing

A plan view of the proposed cycling facilities is shown in the provided drawing.

Aside from connecting bike lanes on Carling Avenue, the project also proposes minor improvements for walking and cycling near the intersection with March.  The existing crosswalk on the right turn channel from northbound March Road to eastbound Carling Avenue will be raised for pedestrian comfort and safety.  Green pavement markings are proposed to be added to the new bike lanes where turning motorists will cross them for added visibility and safety.  A two-stage left turn bike box will be installed in the March/Carling intersection to improve conditions for people wishing to turn left from southbound March Road onto the new eastbound bike lanes on Carling Avenue.

For additional information please contact:

Robin Bennett, RPP MCIP
Project Manager, Cycling programs
Transportation Planning
Transportation Services Department
City of Ottawa 
110 Laurier Avenue
613-580-2424 ext. 21795