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Château Laurier addition

Project Status: 

Proposal Details

Larco Investments proposes to build an 11,846 square metre, 159-room addition in a contemporary style at the rear of the existing Château Laurier. The development proposal retains the Château Laurier in its entirety and will be built on the site of the former parking garage. The addition will connect to limited areas on the Château Laurier’s east and west wings.

The development proposal also includes a landscaped courtyard between the Château Laurier and the proposed addition, a redesigned forecourt along Mackenzie Avenue, a walkway and ramp along the north side of the addition, and a new stairway between the courtyard and the public terrace on the west side of the Rideau Canal.

You may view the plans and studies for the site plan control application on Development Application Search

For more information on the project, please visit Larco’s project website.


The City received a site plan control application for an addition to the rear of the Château Laurier in December 2016.

On January 31, 2018, City Council approved an application to demolish the garage of the Château Laurier as the garage was structurally unsound. The garage has been replaced with a temporary surface parking lot enclosed within the original walls.

City Council approved an application to alter the heritage building on June 27, 2018 and Planning Committee approved a site plan application on June 13, 2019. On July 10 and 11, 2019, City Council reviewed and upheld the heritage permit approval.

A minor variance decision by the Committee of Adjustment was appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal by the owners, Larco Investments, and Heritage Ottawa in October 2019. The appellants worked together on design changes to settle the appeal. The latest addition design reflects these discussions.

The City received new site plan control and heritage permit applications in November 2020, which were approved in February 2021.

Next Steps

  1. The applicant will seek Level 3 and Level 2 National Capital Commission approvals for matters related to federal lands (target date Spring 2021).
  2. The Local Planning Appeals Tribunal will make a decision on the minor variance appeals.
  3. If all previous steps are approved, Larco will obtain a building permit and construct the addition.