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Dovercourt Avenue sidewalk and bike lanes implementation Update 2021

Project Status: 

Online Consultation: March 29 to April 25, 2021

In 2018, the City of Ottawa proposed a new section of sidewalk on Dovercourt Avenue from Broadview Avenue to Churchill Avenue as part of its Ottawa Pedestrian Facilities Program. This new section of sidewalk will be approximately 700m long.

Following the July 2018 Open House for this project, the City of Ottawa expanded the planning process to examine the addition of cycling facilities on Dovercourt Avenue within the project limits from Broadview Avenue to Churchill Avenue. Please see the drawing below for the revision to the original study area.

Study area (Broadview to Churchill)

Neighbourhood Bikeway

Dovercourt Avenue is part of a neighbourhood bikeway route within the Ottawa Cycling Plan which will eventually extend from the existing pathway along Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway in the west to Island Park Drive in the east. Bike lanes would support active transportation to area schools and recreation facilities, and also provide an alternative safer cycling route than Carling Avenue for longer trips.

On-street bike lanes – Broadview Avenue to Churchill Avenue

To add on-street bike lanes, Dovercourt Avenue would have:

  • 1.5 m wide bike lane in each direction
  • Two 3.5 m vehicle lanes
  • A new 2.0 m sidewalk on the south side.


  • The existing road width between curbs is approximately 10.8 m. Keeping the curb on the north side where it is today, the new south side sidewalk would be located about 0.8 m in front of the existing curb with the back of the new sidewalk 1.2 m behind the existing curb. This would narrow the road to 10.0 m between curbs.
  • On-street parking will need to shift to side streets.
  • To reduce impacts to mature trees and utility poles, the sidewalk could be locally narrowed to 1.8 m along certain segments.

On-street bike lanes – west to Sherbourne Road

  • Bike lanes could also be provided on Dovercourt Avenue westerly to link with newly-added bike lanes along Sherbourne Road
  • The bike lanes would not require new construction and be designated with pavement markings and signs
  • The 1.5 m wide bike lanes will have 0.4 m painted buffers to enhance cyclists’ safety and comfort
  • On-street parking will need to shift to side streets

Extension to the study area:

Study area 2 (Sherbourne to Broadview)

Once complete, this planning project will be handed over to the City’s Infrastructure Services Department in order to complete the detailed design and to develop an implementation strategy.

Road Plans [ PDF 6.172 MB ] 

Tell us what you think

Public feedback is an important component to finalize the City’s recommendations. We encourage interested members of the public to fill out the Online Survey by April 25.

Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. If you require special accommodation, please call or email the City of Ottawa Project Manager to provide your feedback.

For more information, please contact:

Robin Bennett, MCIP RPP Project Manager
Transportation Planning – Transportation Services Department
City of Ottawa
4th Floor, 110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa Ontario K1P 1J1